Member Growers


Joined the group in 1978 growing Herbs and Alpines. There are several production sites that cover 8 hectares (of which 4 hectares are covered). They grow 1.5 million Herbs in 9cm, 1L and 2L pots spanning some 100 varieties, 640,000 Potted Bulbs and 215,000 Autumn Patio Plants.

Other ranges include Herbaceous Perennials, Succulents and Alpines. Binsted Nursery employs approx. 50 permanent staff and up to 30 temporary staff in busy periods.

Recent developments include building a 22,000m3 reservoir and a cold store which contributes to the groups’ sustainability and production quality.

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Joined the group in 1981 specialising in patio and seasonal annuals. They now grow 500,000 Summer Patio plants, 360,000 Fuchsias and Geraniums, 200,000 Sweet Peas plus 120,000 Erysimums.

Previous co-owner, Martine Tellwright, also breeds Nemesias and over 500,000 are now produced each year.

Total production area is 7.2 hectares of which 5.5 are covered. Employs 50 staff during the peak season.

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Founder member who’s reputation grew for their evergreen shrubs. Reflecting the changing market, their portfolio now includes 210,000 Cyclamen, 110,000 Osteospermums, 100,000 Annual Packs and 90,000 Foxgloves. Total production area is just over 6.7 hectares, all covered. Employs 50 staff in the peak season.

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A founder member, specialising in choice shrubs, and a wide range of perennials. Their key lines include 140,000 Scabious, 55,000 Lavenders and 65,000 Heucheras. They also grow several best-selling exclusives bred by owner David Tristram.

Total production area is 6.6 hectares of which 4.7 are covered. Walberton Nursery employs 38 staff.

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