Hibiscus Walberton’s® Lunar® Series

Add a British-bred, British-grown showstopper to your garden and enjoy vast pink, deep magenta or brilliant-white flowers that will dwarf other hardy Hibiscus varieties. Walberton’s specially bred cultivars Rhapsody, Rose Moon, Flare and Eclipse thrive in UK gardens, flowering abundantly from July to September. Their upright solid habit, drought tolerance and enormous exotic flowers will leave your neighbours envious, blooming just in time for those late summer garden parties.

What is the Walberton’s® Lunar® Series story?

Walberton’s® Lunar® Series is the result of decades of breeding by David Tristram, who founded Walberton Nursery in 1973. After working for Guinness in Ireland for 20 years, David returned to his roots and started a nursery business in West Sussex. His family had a strong interest in horticulture and plants, with David’s father introducing the Helleborus niger Potters Wheel variety. Lucky for us, David decided to follow in his parent’s footsteps and breed new plants of his own.

Inspired by his father and his love for plants, in 1985, David crossed Hibiscus syriacus and Hibiscus paramutabilis in a quest to improve the quality of Hibiscus on the market, specifically their flower size and colour.

Where to grow Walberton’s® Lunar® Series?

These Hibiscus are hardy across the UK, enjoying moist, well-drained soil. For best results, position them in a sunny place. The Walberton’s® Lunar® Series can grow to approximately 90cm tall and have a 45cm spread. Plants benefit from a prune in spring, removing any stems which have died back or been damaged. Walberton’s® Lunar® Series will thrive from regular watering in the summer while they establish. After this, they can tolerate periods of drought well.