b'CYCLAMEN Midi Cyclamen v11 Several colours percollection, some withvery silvery leaf markingsUse in sheltered window boxes, tubs, porches and unheated conservatories where they can floweruntil Marchv11 pots (12 trays of 15)Delivered September toOctober in bud and flowerQty Retail Unpriced Cyclamen Winter Ice 2L Stunning silver markedfoliageFive colours supplied as a mixSuitable for indoor useor covered porches2L pots (12 trays of 6) Delivered September to October in budand flowerQty Retail Unpriced Cyclamen 3L High impact, chunky big plants that make superb giftsA mix of several coloursfrom the Rainier seriesSuitable for indoor useor covered porches63 x 3L pots Delivered Septemberto November in budand flowerQty Retail60'