b'Myosotis Mon Amie Mix 1L A pretty mix of coloursto sell in flower for autumnWill reflower again in springHeight up to 20cm so great for border edging1L pots (8 trays of 8)Delivered in August in budQty RetailSolanum Venus 1L Peat FREE More berries and a tighter habit than Thurino socreates more impact in the gardenSeveral weeks of colour right through autumn1L pots (12 trays of 8)Medium bedcard Delivered August to September as berriesstart to colour Qty RetailDiamond Dianthus v11 Peat FREE Diamond Dianthus is astunning, fragrant flowering plant with vibrant blooms in coral, pink blush, purpleand scarletPerfect for gardens andcontainers, adding colourful charm all seasonv11 pots (12 trays of 15)Medium bedcard Delivered Augustto September in budQty Retail Unpriced56'