b'Pentas Graffiti Series 1L Pentas love the heatand perform well in a heatwaveGraffiti has been bred to flower at an even height across all colours and at the same time1L pots (8 trays of 8) Medium bedcard Delivered June to July in bud and Qty RetailGerbera Revolution Series 1L Vibrant, large daisies through late summer on a neat plantSeveral sizzling colours in the mix 1L pots (12 trays of 8) Delivered June to July in bud and flower flower Qty RetailSalvia Mystic Spires 1.5L Deep blue flower spikes throughout late summer, just above handsomefoliageThree planted in a30-40cm tub make a great patio specimen1.5L pots (12 trays of 6) Delivered June to Julyin bud Qty Retail48'