b'CannaHelianthus Bert 1LTropicanna Black 3L Stocky plants, up to 1L pots 30cm each with several(8 trays of 8)Fabulous dark foliage28 x 3L deep potsblooms in successionDelivered in June contrasts with the flowers Medium bedcard Perfect multiplanted inin bud and flowerGrown from virus cleana patio containerDelivered May to JunemotherstockHardy in milder areasif planted in the ground Qty Retail Qty RetailColeus Main Street Series 1L Season-long contrast fora tub or borderPrefers light shade and moistbut well drained soilSeveral varieties includingthose pictured1L pots (12 trays of 8)Long bedcardDelivered June to JulyAlligator Alley Wall Street Ruby RoadQty RetailOxford Street River Walk Sunset Boulevard2024 Bedding Catalogue 43'