b'Schizanthus Atlantis Series 1L Much more manageable that the older tall varietiesFlowers reliably as the series is less day-length sensitiveThree varietiespictured 1L pots (12 trays of 8) Medium bedcardDelivered May to June in bud and flowerQty RetailScarlet Bicolour Lilac Bicolour Deep RoseLobelia Techno Up Series 1L Bred for heat tolerance and to flower earlier, thisseries certainly proves itself in a heatwaveThree compact, upright varietiespictured1L pots (12 trays of 8)Sky BlueMedium bedcard Delivered May to Junein bud and flowerQty RetailDelft Delft BlueSweet William Barbarini Series 2L This series has been bredto flower in the first summer without the need for over- winteringSeveral coloursBarbarinis have a neatcompact habitPurple Picotee Red 54 x 2L potsMedium bedcard Delivered in June in bud Qty RetailSalmon Red Picotee2024 Bedding Catalogue 37'