b'DIANTHUS Dianthus Electric Dreams Jumbo 6 Pack & v11 Compact hardy dianthus flowering at 12cm 28 x Jumbo six packswith an impressive number of striking threeV11 pots (12 trays of 15)tone electric pink single flowersFlowers fade to soft pink over a mound of Delivered in April to May grey/green foliage with a gentle clove scentin bud and flower PBR appliesQty 6 Pack RetailQty v11 Retail UnpricedDianthus Peach PartyJumbo 6 Pack & v11Beautiful apricot-coloured flower, following 28 x Jumbo six packsthe current trend of popular pastel coloursv11 pots (8 trays of 15) In summer, the variety forms an intense redDelivered in June in bud eye, which provides contrast between the and flowerdark flower centre and the light flower edgeHardy and perennial given sun/good drainage PBR appliesQty 6 Pack RetailQty v11 Retail Unpriced34'