b'Jumbo 6 PacksMixed We are growing the Alaska, Mitra and Primera series to expand the sales window28 x PET six packsDelivered January toFebruary in bud andflower Qty RetailAlaska Mix Mitra Mix Primera MixPrimroses 1L High-impact, big potfulsOver 20 varieties1L pots (12 trays of 8)Qty Retailto tempt those earlysupplied with individualDelivered Jan to Feb in bud & flower spring customers varietal colour labelsStarflame Blue Evie Red Flame Porcelain Blue Rambo Purple FlameWoodland Rose Evie Chameleon Zebra Blue Mojito Sparkly BluePrimrose Sweet 16 1L Huge pink flowers overmany weeks to createa real impactHardy and perennialin the right position 1L pot (24 trays of 8) Delivered Januaryto February in bud and flowerQty Retail2024 Bedding Catalogue 3'