b'Brachyscomes 1L Delightful little daisy flowers in great profusion all summer long, on a neat bushy plant One of the very best summer container plants Two colourspictured 1L pots (8 trays of 8) Medium bedcard Delivered May to Junein bud Qty RetailMauve Delight Fresco CandyPetunia Hanging Pots 25cm These hanging pots are planted with F1 Damask Multiflora varieties thatare renowned for their neat, mounding habit Multiple colours including those pictured Damask Pink Damask Carmine 24 x 25cmhanging potsDelivered April to Junein bud and flowerQty RetailBlue Damask Purple Damask BlueImpatiens Imara Series 1L At last, a series from Florensis that shows excellent resistance to Downy MildewFive clear colours 1L pots (24 trays of 8) Medium bedcardPurple WhiteDelivered April to May in bud and flowerQty RetailRose Orange Star Red26'