b'NEMESIAS Nemesias bred by Martine TellwrightFor the last 25 years, Martine Tellwrightsbreeding work at Farplants has madebio-coloured Nemesias incredibly popular. Recognised globally for flower colour, size, scent and neat, compact habit, Martines programmehas catapulted the demand for Nemesias oncentres in recent years.We now produce 500,000 Nemesias yearly Martine, previous co-owner of Fleurie at Fleurie Nursery as a specialism. Nursery, part of The Farplants GroupVariety Scent Pot/trays Qty Retail Amelie 1LSuperb16 trays Amelie 2LSuperb54 pots Ayana 1LGood 16 trays Berries & Cream Imp. 1LGood 16 trays Bordeaux 1L Light16 trays Bordeaux 2L Light54 pots Coral Kiss 1LSuperb 8 trays Cream Surprise 1L Good 16 trays Easter Bonnet 1L Good 16 trays Easter Bonnet 2L Good54 pots Evening Dusk 1LLight16 trays Evening Dusk 2LLight54 pots Lady Penelope 1LGood 16 trays Lilac Queen 1LModerate16 trays Marshmallow 1L Good8 trays Mirabelle 1LLight16 trays Myrtille 1L Light16 trays Raspberries & Cream Imp. 1L Good8 trays Sapphire 1LLight16 trays Wisley Vanilla 1L Superb16 trays Wisley Vanilla 2L Superb54 pots1L pots 2L pots Plant Variety RightsDelivered April to MayDelivered in June apply to all varietiesAmelie Ayana24'