b'Tub & Basket Starter Pots 1L & 2L Several pre-selected mixes carefully designed for colour all summer and perfect for first time gardeners1L pots (16 trays of 8) Long bedcard Delivered April to Mayin bud 2L pots (16 trays of 6) Long bedcard1L A Grape Fit 1L Ayers Rock 1L Purple RainDelivered from Aprilto June in bud Qty 1L RetailQty 2L Retail2L Amerena Cream 2L Cherry Kiss2L Fancy PetticoatAnnual Climbers 1L A comprehensive rangeof varieties includingthose pictured1L square deep pots (15 trays of 10)Long bedcard Delivered April to MayQty RetailThunbergiaIpomoeaLophospermumLophospermum Brownie Star of Yalta Wine Red Lofus Compact WhiteThunbergiaThunbergiaRhodochitonThunbergia Rose Sensation Lemon Star Purple Bells Amber Stripes2024 Bedding Catalogue 23'