b'Trailing Double Petunias 9cm Twelve stunning Tumbelina varieties across a huge range of colours 9cm pots (20 trays of 20) Developed over 20 years by leading UK breeder David Kerley Labels have individual barcodes All varieties are scented and are the perfect habit for filling a basket Long bedcardQty Retail Delivered from April to June UnpricedPriscilla Superstar Anna RaphaellaBella Sophia Crazy Ripple Cherry RippleColour Themed Container Kits 10 Pack Grown in PET trays 126 x 10 PET packs (1 trolley) Five mixes: Cool n Classy,18 packs make up a shelf Fruit Cocktail, Moody Blues Delivered April to May in batches plus the two picturedSold by the shelf, Qty Retailseven shelves per trolleyHot n SpicyPretty in Pink22'