b'Cordyline australis 1L & 2L Ideal centre plant for large patio containers 1L pots (12 trays of 8)Medium bedcardDelivered March to May 27 x 2L pots Delivered April to MayQty 1L RetailQty 2L RetailCordyline flowers are much loved by honey beesCordyline Red Star 1L & 2L Slower-growing clone idealfor containers1L pots (12 trays of 8)Medium bedcard Delivered January to June 27 x 2L pots Delivered February to AprilQty 1L RetailQty 2L RetailRed Star with Begonia Dark EleganceCordyline Sparkler 2L Fabulous variegated form to add an exotic touchHardy in many parts ofthe UK27 x 2L potsMedium bedcardDelivered March to AprilQty Retail16'