b'Nasturtium 1L Nasturtiums always sell well in our 9cm range so we now offer them in a 1L sizeMultiple contrasting varietiesincluding those pictured 1L caged pots(12 trays of 8) Orchid Cream Black Velvet Medium bedcard Delivered in April Qty RetailEmpress of India Peach MelbaRanunculus Magic Series 1L Beautiful double blooms in a good range of distinct colours that make a great alternativefor spring containersThis series has been bred tobe compactheight 20cmMixed colours in tray 1L pots (12 trays of 8)Medium bedcardDelivered February to March in bud Qty RetailPulsar Geraniums v11 Stocky and compact,over-wintered plants that reliably bloom all summer longGrown cold with just frostprotection so more resilient when deliveredv11 pots (16 trays of 15)Delivered March to April in bud and flower Qty Retail Unpriced14'