Farplants are finalists with Skimmia japonica Perosa in the GIMA Plant, Seed and Bulb award 2021. Skimmias have been around as long as Garden Centres have but generally with just green leaves. Perosa on the other hand has striking variegated foliage, which is sure to be popular with UK gardeners.

Stunning Variegation

Skimmia japonica Perosa is a remarkable new variegated form with particular appeal during winter when there is little other colour in the garden. Its year round-green leaves are painted with swirls of blue-green and edged with a striking cream border. The glowing sealing wax red flower buds first appear in September. The buds light up the garden right through until they open the following spring, filling the garden with glorious scent.

The red flower buds of Perosa provide gardeners with 8 months of colour – from when they emerge in September to when they finish blooming in April. The flowers open white and have a sweet perfume and they provide nectar for early bees. The strikingly variegated foliage provides year round interest, particularly in winter when so little else is colourful.

Perosa has a neat, compact and self-branching habit, growing to about 1m high x 1m spread after 10 years. It makes a superb container plant for a part-shaded patio. It should be popular for use in seasonal urban landscaping, planted with cyclamen, heathers and ivy.  Perosa is a male, non-berrying form.

Skimmia japonica Perosa at Farplants

Skimmia Perosa will be available from Farplants in 3L pots in bud and flower from September to October.