The cyclamen is a versatile beauty that can sometimes be overlooked but the range of colours is astonishing. They are perfect to light up sheltered, outdoor autumnal displays and perform well in unheated porches, away from excess winter wet where they should continue to flower well into March. So this is why Cyclamen is our plant of the month for Septemeber.

Fantastic impact in the garden during winter

The main draw of cyclamen is the huge arrange of colours on offer. Deep velvety reds, shocking pinks and interesting bi-colours through to elegant pure white. With so many colours to choose from you are sure to find a cyclamen for your colour scheme.

The foliage is not to be ignored, the heart-shaped leaves can range from deep green to silvery. Some varieties have also beautiful patterning which adds to the display put on by these winter wonders.

With established plants, the leaves appear in autumn with the cheery flowers appearing in winter. Foliage goes dormant through summer before re-emerging in autumn again. Many varieties are hardy and perennial when planted in the right spot. They are perfect for naturalising around the bottom of deciduous trees and shrubs.

Try pairing cyclamen with snowdrops and hellebores for a fabulous winter display.

Key Benefits:

  • Stunning flower colour range
  • White flowered forms usually have a delightful light scent
  • Many are hardy and perennial
  • Winter interest

Planting notes

They thrive if given some shade during the hot summer months so best planted under deciduous trees and shrubs. However, if used as seasonal tub plants, then a sunny position is OK. As to soil, they prefer it to be humus-rich yet well-drained.

Established plants will benefit from an annual mulch of planting compost and dusting of bonemeal fertiliser in early autumn before the foliage appears.

Cyclamen at Farplants

They are grown by Toddington nursery, who grow over 50 varieties and around 200,000 plants in a single season.

Farplants top picks

Cyclamen Outsider

Well named as they are bred with improved hardiness. The fabulous foliage provides good contrast mixed in containers. Five colours are available from Farplants.