Lupins are a staple of the cottage garden and offer fantastic height, prolific blooms and vibrant colour in May and June. Lupins give a lot of bang for their buck, so this is why they are our plant of the month for March. Best planted in March and early April to ensure they can establish and put on their impressive show through summer.  

Primarily, Lupins are famed for their brightly coloured flowers. The impressive flowers spikes appear in summer and they will re-grow from ground level every year. Due to extensive breeding work, there is a wide array of colours to choose from.  You will be spoilt for choice!

Secondly, and sometimes overlooked, are the easily recognisable tactile leaves. The fan shaped foliage is covered in fine silvery hairs which adds to the overall impact. It is worth noting, the early growth is a particular favourite of slugs and snails so a watchful eye is needed.

In terms of their height, this can vary dependant on the variety. Gallery Lupins only reach 50cm but there is a tree Lupin that gets to 2m!

Key Benefits:

  • Adds wonderful height
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Prolific flower spikes
  • Easy to grow

Planting notes

Lupins prefer well-drained, fertile soil in full sun or light shade. They don’t like chalky or wet soils. Due to the height of some flower spikes, they respond well to a sheltered position.

Plant taller Lupins in the middle or the back of a border but avoid containers as they do not perform well. In borders, try pairing them with our favourites like Nepeta and Peonies, and ornamental grasses such as Miscanthus.

Removing faded flower stems will prevent seed formation and encourage secondary flowering.

Lupins at Farplants

Lupins are grown at our member grower – Fleurie Nursery. They grow 24 different varieties and have been growing them for 28 years.

“We multi-sow our Gallery Lupins to ensure compact stocky plants that will provide excellent garden performance. We can care for them from four up to eight months, depending on variety, before they are ready for UK garden centre. Lupins are the perfect cottage garden plant and with their impressive flower power, it’s no wonder they are one of the nation’s favourites.”

Steve Carter – Director Fleurie Nursery


Our top Lupin picks

West Country Masterpiece – Elegant magenta-purple flower spikes during early summer often followed by a second blooming later on. Hardy and perennial.

West Country Beefeater – Brilliant red flower spikes and like the masterpiece, will flower early summer often with another blooming to follow. Hardy and perennial.

Gallery Lupins – Fully hardy dwarf lupins, with flower spikes in a beautiful array of colours. Flowers in the summer and  re-grows from ground level for several years. 

For more information on award winning West Country Lupins: