Primroses are synonymous with spring. Primarily they add a well needed burst of colour to the beginning of the season.  Which is why the Primrose is our plant of the month for January.

Primroses are part of the Primula family. Primula is from the Latin primus meaning prime (first) – the first flowers to appear in spring.

Primula vulgaris is our native British Primrose which can be seen growing in the wild at the edge of woodlands and hedgerows. They flower from February – April. In contrast to the native variety, and thanks to the extensive work from global breeders, hybrid/cultivated primroses come in a full spectrum of colours.  So whatever the colour scheme, there are Primroses that fit the bill – from cool blues through to shocking reds.

Collage of Primrose flowers

Not to be forgotten is the charming foliage. The rosette of heavily wrinkled leaves provides a wonderful contrast for the splash of colour from the flowers.

Lastly, its low compact habit makes it perfect for containers or the front of borders.


Key Benefits:

  • Early spring colour
  • Low maintenance
  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Hardy in all but the harshest winter

Planting notes

Primroses prefer sun or partial shade. They grow well in moist but well drained soil. Perennial in the right conditions – happiest planted out in dappled shade.

Primroses at Farplants

Primroses are grown by our member grower – Toddington Nursery.

“Every year we visit Primrose trials to find new and exciting varieties. On our travels we will see hundreds of different Prims and out of them we will trial approx. 10 to 20 new varieties a year. For 2020 we have 5 new ones in our range.

We have grown Primroses for 3 years and I must say they are such a cheery crop to work with. They are so uplifting and seeing them in a block of 50,000 is something special.”

Barry Frost, Technical Manager – Toddington Nursery

With so many to choose from, where to start? Take a look at our top picks for a fantastic mix of super popular old favourites and new to the market colour ways.

Our top Primrose picks

Star Fever – Charming classy white flower which will work well in planted arrangements.

Sweet 16 – Vibrant large showy flowers over several weeks, will brighten up any spring garden

Polyanthus Fire Dragon – Fabulous bright flower heads with real flower power.

Belarina Candy Frost – Award winning double with exquisite deep pink and white flowers.

Polyanthus Elpiro Yellow – Distinctive yellow flower heads on 20cm stems, the delicate scent is an added bonus.

Tinkerbells – Shades of pink through to almost white, contrasted against fabulous dark foliage.