Neil Robertson is one of our lead allotment testers. By day – Farplants Marketing Manager, come the evening – a Grow Your Own aficionado. New veg or fruit varieties need to pass muster on Neil’s plot to make it into our catalogue.

It’s not too late to plant more Veg!!

This may be the season of plenty in the veg garden but once summer crops are cleared, there is a golden opportunity to replant the ground for an extra harvest later on. Cabbage, Pak Choi, Radish, Spring Onions and Lettuce are just some of the crops that can be planted out right now. And because the soil is still warm and now moist from the recent rains, seedlings will establish very quickly.

Top tips

To ensure you have success, here are a few simple tips learnt over many years on my allotment:

  1. Apply some general fertiliser before planting as healthy plants will always perform better and give bigger yields
  2. On windy sites, use fleece to protect soft young growth. It will maintain night temperatures too which makes a big difference to growth. It also keeps pests off your plants.
  3. Protect Brassicas (Cabbage family) from caterpillar attack using crop netting (max 8mm square)
  4. Apply slug/snail control to vulnerable crops, such as Lettuce, Pak Choi and Cabbage 
  5. Water regularly until established, especially on windy days like we have right now

You’ll be amazed how quickly your veg grows this time of year and before you know it, you’ll be harvesting more lovely fresh veg this autumn.