Mounds and Mats, from Farplants, is new for 2020 and features varieties that form irresistible cushions or tactile cascades. The touchy-feely textures of these varieties are on trend, as consumers look to add more striking foliage to their outside spaces.

Rise in popularity

Firstly, people are looking to style their outside “room”. This is partly due to the popularity of using house plants to dress the home. Consumer are more confident using greenery to soften their living spaces. As a result, Mounds and Mats is the ideal next step to carry this on outdoors.

Secondly, due to the average size of gardens reducing, people are looking for alternative ways to make the most of their spaces. As these varieties can be placed in and around paving, and can stand the odd wayward foot, they are perfect to make the most of space available.

Lastly, there is a growing trend for swapping lawn for low maintenance carpeting plants. As the varieties are hardy in the UK and evergreen, they will provide year-round interest.


We launched the new collection on our stand at this year’s HTA National Plant Show. The range was incredibly popular with garden retailers. Andy Merrick, Farplants Head of Sales, is excited to introduce Mounds and Mats to the market:

“Launching Mounds and Mats at the show was fantastic. We could see first-hand the overwhelmingly positive response from retailers. People couldn’t keep their hands off them.

It’s wonderfully to be a part of the development of the range, and see it go from trails to launch. I can’t wait to see the final step – in stores next year.”

The range is available in June 2020 and is in the new taupe kerbside recyclable pot. It also comes with supporting POS to create an enticing display. The collection is 16 trays and comes in a 1L format.

As well as Mounds and Mats, we also launched Garden your Way to Wellbeing at this year’s National Plant Show. This new range features plants that can give a mood boost and sense experience. We also received two bronze plant awards and the visitor award for Best Herbaceous Perennial with Geum Fiery Tempest.

For more information on Mounds and Mats, drop us a line at or give us a call on 01243 553311.