We have launched Garden your way to Wellbeing, our brand new consumer focused range. We carefully crafted the collection and selected plants that can give a mood boost and create a sense experience. 

There is an increased awareness of the importance of wellbeing. This is one of the inspirations behind Garden your way to Wellbeing. Brett Avery, Farplants Managing Director, is delighted the range supports the industry’s mission to promote the benefits of gardening:

“I’m thrilled to launch our new range, Garden your Way to Wellbeing, at this year’s HTA National Plant Show. There is no denying the health benefits of gardening. For instance; the physical activity, time outdoors with nature and the real sense of achievement it brings. In response to that, we want to support the message that “gardening is good for you”. I think our new range does just that.

We thoroughly researched the many benefits different varieties bring. As a result, the range helps consumers consider the various ways plants can have an effect on your mood and sense of wellbeing. I believe that the fresh and modern feel will appeal to both new and experienced gardeners alike.”

It is Available in June 2020 and comes in the new kerbside recyclable taupe pot. It comes with supporting POS which helps garden retailers to create an enticing display. Also, it can be staged with other outdoor leisure items for incremental sales.

Wellbeing experience

We launched Garden your way to Wellbeing at this year’s HTA National Plant Show with an immersive display and VR experience. Firstly, our calming wellbeing garden was perfect for visitors to relax in. And secondly, the Virtual Reality experience transported them away from the busy event. This meant our stand was very popular because of this interactive display. As a result, we received the Planting the Seed award which is given for the most inspiring display and concepts.

In addition to the award for our interactive display, we received numerous plant awards. We were given two bronze plant awards and the Visitor Award for Best Herbaceous Perennial with Geum Fiery Tempest.

Garden your way to Wellbeing is our latest ready-to-go consumer promotion. Previously, we launched Small Plants for Small Spaces at the National Plant Show.  After the success of its launch, SPSS it has gone on to become our third biggest promotion.  It also won the Horticulture Week Business award for Best Sales or Marketing Campaign in 2018.

For more information on Garden your way to Wellbeing, drop us a line at wholesale@farplants.co.uk or give us a call on 01243 553311.