Farplants brand new range, Small Plants for Small Spaces, is the largest product launch in the history of the co-operative group and is now stocked in garden centres up and down the UK. It’s the new concept for selling small hardy plants targeted to the consumer limited by space.

Small Plants for Small Spaces brings together the specialisms of all five of the co-op nursery members and is the first time all of the nurseries are growing plants in tandem for a single campaign.

Drawing on hundreds of years of horticulture knowledge within the Farplants Group, the very best plants varieties were selected to make the 200+ strong range. The range includes alpines, grasses, herbs, perennials, shrubs and succulents; and is accompanied by bold and eye-catching POS.

The range was born out of the desire to help gardeners find the perfect plants for their modern sized gardens. Brett Avery, Farplants Managing Director, is delighted with the response from garden retailers. “There has been a very strong demand for the range and for continual refill orders. Our in-depth research and development has paid dividends; the range perfectly appeals to the consumer looking for solutions to their modern gardening needs and is delivered in an accessible format.”

In addition to a restriction on space, the term alpine is increasingly being lost in translation.  Avery said the branding is key to capturing the attention of the consumer: “The name, Small Plants for Small Spaces, was chosen to be clear and straightforward, and to directly answer the consumer’s question – what would work in my small space.

The vibrant branding is accompanied with consumer friendly care icons which are designed to instil confidence in novice gardeners and ensure top performance of their new plants.

Research and Development

The range underwent 18 months of research and development. Andy Merrick, Head of Sales, was instrumental in the product development process: “It has been fantastic to be involved in the project; turning an idea into an exciting new range featured in centres throughout the UK. Seeing for the first time the bold design and full POS layout together on a centre made all the hard work worthwhile, but for me the best part was seeing consumers taking armfuls to the tills.

Customer and consumer feedback is at the core of our development process and this is then combined with the expert horticulture knowledge within the co-operative. It was amazing to bring together the specialisms of all five nurseries into this single range.”

This latest innovation was launched at the 2017 National Plant Show, where Farplants will be returning this year to showcase brand new varieties for 2019. Farplants are known for their innovation, for 2018 they also launched their Wildflower range, as well as over 70 new promotional lines in their popular Limited Extras catalogue.