b'Fuchsia- Continued magellanica gracilis Tricolor, (syn Versicolor) small scarlet and violetflowers and season-long pink and grey variegated foliage NEW 100 3L Jul-Oct 5019945012929 Mrs Popple, carmine and deep violet, very popular.903L Jul-Oct 5019945012875 Patio Princess, hardy and upright with many attractive, double red andwhite flowers .753L Jul-Oct 5019945923607President George Bartlett, classic cerise and purple flowers in greatnumber on a self-branching plant, ideal for a container.NEW603L Jul-Oct 5019945909717Riccartonii, robust bushy, variety used for hedging in milder locations.Two-tone coral-pink flowers . 200 3L Jul-Oct 5019945905054Saturnus, two-colour red and purple flowers903L Jul-Oct 5019945957237 Shrimp Cocktail, marbled, bright pink flowers.903L Jul-Oct 5019945200494 Snowcap, vigorous, upright, growth with semi-double scarlet and whiteflowers, veined red903LJun-Oct5019945057524Son of Thumb, semi-double, red and lilac253L Jul-Oct 5019945905061Sunray, vibrant red, white and green foliage with small cerise and mauveflowers. Low, bushy growth. Not as hardy as some but invaluable forits foliage .453L Jul-Oct 5019945038097Tom Thumb, violet and carmine, dwarf.253L Jul-Oct 5019945012936Tom West, pretty purple-red and bright red flowers on striking, arching,variegated foliage, pink-tinged when young403LJun-Oct5019945931916Garrya -Silk-tassel Bush Evergreen. elliptica James Roof, long sliky tassels up to 20cm long among glossybut tough evergreen foliage 180 3LDec-Feb5019945961654Griselinia- Evergreen.littoralis, fresh green round leaves, good hedger for milder areas. 250 3L-5019945013056littoralis Variegata, conspicuous white variegated type 180 3L-5019945013063 Hebe -Veronica Withstands sea winds and industrial pollution. Evergreen. Autumn Glory, compact growth with purple flowers903L Jul-Oct 5019945013155Baby Marie, compact growth and an abundance of bright lilac flowersthat turn pinky white303LMay-Jun5019945918986Blue Clouds, wisteria-blue flowers, green leaves become purple during winter 120 3LJun-Oct5019945037984Caledonia, dense spikes of light violet flowers.453LJun-Sep5019945910928 Champagne, delightful white flowers that have a hint of blue overbronzed shoot tips and stems603L Jul-Aug 5019945041684franciscana Blue Gem, bronzed foliage, spikes of large violet flowers. 130 3LJun-Aug5019945040533franciscana Variegata, (Silver Queen) strongly variegated creamy whitefoliage with purple flowers603L Jul-Aug 5019945013230Garden Beauty, profusions of light lavender buds fade to white oncompact growth303LMay-Jun5019945919006glaucophylla Variegata, excellent ground cover with fine cream-margined,grey-green leaves that form a domed effect and masses of tiny lilac flowers.Tolerates shade.903LJun-Aug5019945923096Great Orme, bright pink spikes of flower903L Jul-Oct 5019945013278Green Globe, (Emerald Gem, Emerald Green) small, compact,globular growth, very small foliage, small white flowers453LMay-Jun5019945013254Margret, a lovely plant with shiny rich-green foliage and attractivelilac flowers. Low growing habit. (Protected by Plant Variety Rights.Propagation without a licence is illegal) .453LJun-Aug5019945923003Marjorie, long racemes of pale violet and white flowers, compact habit,very hardy903L Jun-Jul 5019945013285Midsummer Beauty, long lavender racemes, with a red underside to leaves. 150 3LJun-Sep5019945013292Mrs Winder, purple foliage and bright blue flowers 120 3L Jul-Sep 5019945038080Nicolas Blush, bronze-tipped, sage green foliage. Flowers pink,fading to white 703LJun-Nov5019945041738Pascal, dark purple leaves all year, plus lilac blue flowers602LJun-Aug5019945060395pinguifolia Pagei, grey leaves, white flowers, dwarf. Tried and trustedand still popular.253LMay-Jun50199450133158'