b'ForsythiaGolden yellow flowers cover bare branches in early Spring among broad growth.x intermedia Lynwood, rich yellow, profuse flowering. 200 4LMar-Apr5019945012721x intermedia Week-End, a descendant of, and good replacement for Lynwood. Its flowers are of a similar colour but appear slightly earlier,and are evenly spread over the plant. Rapid growing. (Protected byPlant Breeders Rights. Propagation illegal without a licence) . 200 4LMar-Apr5019945906853Fremontodendron- Flannel Bush Californian Glory, excellent evergreen; large saucer-shaped deep yellow flowers throughout growing season 500 3LD May-Oct5019945012783 Fuchsia- Angel Earrings, Ladys EardropsAlice Hoffman, scarlet and white, small and compact 253L Jul-Oct 5019945012790Beacon, purple and carmine, upright and compact .903L Jul-Oct 5019945904910Beacon Rosa, medium sized single clear-pink blooms very freely produced.Growth stiff, bushy and upright 903L Jul-Oct 5019945904927Bernisser Hardy, classic purple and cerise flowers on an upright,speading plantNEW 100 3L Jul-Oct 5019945211858Carmel Blue, beautiful blue and white flowers, blue turning purple with age.May require winter protection.603L Jul-oct 5019945951167Charming, delightful red and rose-purple single flowers. Very free-flowering 603L Jul-Oct 5019945951174Dark Eyes, delightful red and dark purple double flowers on semi-uprightgrowth, suitable in borders and hanging baskets453L Jul-Oct 5019945946767Deltas Sarah, attractive violet-blue and white, semi-double,weather-resistant blooms 100 3L Jul-Oct 5019945940178Display, delightful carmine-red and rose-pink single flowers.Excellent bushy habit753LJun-Oct5019945057517Dollar Princess, (Dollar Prinzessin) early-flowering, upright form with smallto medium, double cerise and rich purple flowers, hardy .603LMay-Oct5019945914315Genii, bright golden yellow foliage, small pink and purple flowers.903L Jul-Oct 5019945012837Hawkshead, attractive plant with white flowers among small green foliage,fully hardy and vigorous 100 3LJun-Oct5019945937062Heidi Ann, excellent crimson-cerise and lilac-pink double flowers,hardy but may require protection in colder areas 653L Jul-Oct 5019945946750Herald, scarlet and deep purple flowers on an upright spreading plantNEW653L Jul-Oct 5019945206519Lady Thumb, pink and white, dwarf, very popular253L Jul-Oct 5019945012844Lechlade Gorgon, showy pink flower heads, more like a Lilac than aFuchsia, on a vigorous half hardy plant. A cross between F. arborescensand F. paniculata.NEW 100 3L Jul-Oct 5019945997776Madame Cornelissen, pretty scarlet and white semi-double flowers.903L Jul-Oct 5019945931619magellanica gracilis Aurea, golden yellow foliage with small scarletand violet flowers 150 3L Jul-Oct 5019945048416Euonymus alatus Compactus Euonymus fortunei Canadale Gold Fatsia japonica Spiders Web2020 Shrubs 7'