b'Deutzia- Continued Pink Pompom, pretty, double pink flowers that turn white with age . 120 3L Jun-Jul 5019945041981x rosea, beautiful pale pink flowers . 150 3L Jun-Jul 5019945011915Diosma- Evergreen. May need some winter protection.ericoides Pink Fountain, available in the Hotspots Catalogue. ericoides Sunset Gold, available in the Hotspots Catalogue. Escallonia- Evergreen.Glossy leaves, colourful flowers excellent for hedging, resistant to sea winds.Apple Blossom, soft pink and white flowers, compact and slow-growing . 150 3LJun-Sep5019945012103Donard Seedling, flowers soft pink in bud opening white, vigorous, hardy 300 3LJun-Sep5019945012134Iveyi, handsome foliage, large white flowers 300 3LJun-Sep5019945012172organiensis Le Louage, luminous pink-red flowers,large dark green leaves. 200 3LJun-Aug5019945063754 Peach Blossom, similar to Apple Blossom, but with flowers of clear pink 150 3LJun-Sep5019945012196Pink Elle, comparatively large flower heads in a lovely two tone pink. Has good glossy foliage and a neat, compact habit too. (Protected by. Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal) 100 3LJun-Aug5019945983953Red Elf, red flowers on a compact plant . 150 3LJun-Aug5019945012219 Red Knight, red flowers on a compact plant 150 3LJun-Aug5019945978843 rubra macrantha, rose-crimson flowers, aromatic foliage. 350 3LJun-Aug5019945012189Eucalyptus- Gum Tree Fast growing evergreen foliage trees. gunnii, Cider Gum, more attractive silvery-blue juvenile leaves,encouraged by light Spring pruning. 600 3L-5019945012349 Euonymus- Most are ground covering. Evergreen, unless stated. alatus Compactus, spectacular red autumn leaf colour and a bushy habit.Has distinctive winged stem bark and unusual purple fruits that reveal orange berries insideNEW 120 3L-5019945221895fortunei Blondy, cream and dark green foliage and a compact habit. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation illegal without a licence).602L-5019945048546fortunei Canadale Gold, green foliage has a broad golden edge. 100 2L-5019945978836fortunei Emerald Gaiety, silver variegated in summer, tinged pink in winter452L-5019945012257fortunei Emerald n Gold, golden variegated in summer, tinged redin winter.452L-5019945012264fortunei Silver Queen, white-margined variegated leaves that arelater tinted pink. Potential hedging plant 150 2L-5019945928657 japonicus Aureomarginatus, broad golden yellow leaf margins and a lovely glossy sheen provides great year round colour. Neat bushy grower.NEW 150 2L-5019945214378japonicus Paloma Blanca, near white young spring growth contrast vividly with the dark green mature foliage (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights.Propagation illegal without a licence) .NEW702L-5019945983960 japonicus President Gauthier, green foliage with a striking cream margin 100 2L-5019945069763Exochordax macrantha Niagra, same white flowers but on a much improved,self-supporting and bushier plant (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation illegal without a licence). 100 3LMay5019945998018 x macrantha The Bride, long arching branches festooned withracemes of white flowers (caned). 150 3LMay5019945012677 Fatsia- Japanese Aralia Evergreen. japonica, large glossy palmate leaves, evergreen. Good architectural plant. 150 3LOct-Nov 501994501268japonica Spiders Web, fabulous architectural foliage that looks as if it hasbeen dusted with icing sugar. Will brighten up a shady patio in a tub or border 150 3LOct-Nov50199459833286'