b'Cotoneaster- Versatile group, massed white flowers and winter berries.Evergreen, unless stated horizontalis, Herringbone branches, red berries, rich autumn colour. Non-evergreen.603LJun5019945011045lacteus, oval leaves, grey below, red berries into the New Year, 300 3LJun5019945011069microphyllus, tiny leaves and a dense habit. White flowers arefollowed by cherry red berries in autumn. 100 3LJun5019945974432 Queen of Carpets, a tight, low-growing evergreen with white flowersin spring followed by red berries in autumn. Perfect ground cover.303LJun5019945928664Rothschildianus, vigorous arching large shrub/small tree covered increamy-yellow autumn berries . 300 3LJun5019945011090x suecicus Coral Beauty, prostrate ground cover, coral-red berries .303LJun5019945011021 Crinodendron- Evergreen.hookerianum, available in the Limited Extras Catalogue. Cytisus- Broom Sun-loving, quick-growing.battandieri, (Argyrocytisus battandieri) Moroccan or Pineapple Broom,semi-evergreen with silver-grey foliage and large, deliciously scented flowers.400 3L Jun-Jul 5019945011397Boskoop Ruby, compact habit, deep crimson flowers 120 3LMay-Jun5019945011410Golden Cascade, masses of golden yellow flowers. 150 3LMay-Jun5019945011458 Goldfinch, masses of red and gold flowers. 150 3LMay-Jun5019945991064 Lena, masses of orange and yellow flowers 150 3LMay-Jun5019945959606x praecox, many stunning cream flowers 120 3LApr May5019945011595x praecox Albus, white flowered form 120 3LApr May5019945011571 x praecox Allgold, masses of stunning golden yellow flowers oncascading stems. 120 3LApr-May5019945011588Daphne- Evergreen. odora, deep green leaves with very fragrant deep purplish-pinkflowers, followed by red fruits, evergreen (tray of 6) 150 2LJan-Mar5019945055346odora Walberton, extra large heads of white and purple flowers,cream leaf margins, very fragrant, evergreen (tray of 6). 120 2LFeb-Apr5019945011632 pontica, yellow-green fragrant flowers over glossy, dark green foliage,glossy black berries develop later (tray of 6) 100 2LMar-May5019945927445tangutica, sweetly-scented, pale pink flowers in early summer witha purple back set against dark green foliage (tray of 6). 100 2LJan-Mar5019945931732x transatlantica Eternal Fragrance, available in the Limited Extras Catalogue. x transatlantica Pink Fragrance, available in the Limited Extras Catalogue.Deutzia- Easily-grown shrubs, sprays of flowers. x hybrida Mont Rose, free flowering, rose-pink. 150 3L Jun-Jul 5019945011892x hybrida Strawberry Fields, large flower heads of deep crimson,flushed white inside. 150 3L Jun-Jul 5019945048539Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Mystery Blue Chaenomeles speciosa Toyo Nishiki Cistus Silver Pink2020 Shrubs 5'