b'TarragonFrench (Artemisia dracunculus), best in warm, sheltered site and trimregularly to encourage young growth75Aug-Sep8-415019945917774Uses: Chicken,vinegars, sauces, egg dishes, and food seasoning. Mexican (Tagetes lucida). The flowers of this Marigold specie have ananiseed flavour. A near-hardy sub shrub that may need winter protectionin colder areas75 Jun-Aug 10-20 5019945963276Uses: Flowers add colour and tate to salads. Thyme(Thymus)Archers Gold (T. pulegioides Archers Gold, was T. x citriodora),lovely plant with gold-yellow margined leaves that fully turn bright yellowin full sun and lavender-pink flowers .10 Jul-Aug 6-415019945917781 Broadleaf (T. pulegioides), leaves are strongly aromatic and bloomsare deep pink in colour. Makes a good ground cover plant .25Jun-Jul 8-415019945917798 Common, Garden Thyme (T. vulgaris), use young leaves as these havethe best flavour and trim back after flowering.15Jun-Jul 8-415019945917804 Creeping Red (T. serpyllum coccineus), very low-spreading herb with vivid crimson-magenta flowers. Spread at least 90cm. 5 Jun-Jul12-28 5019945917828Creeping White (T. serpyllum albus), white form of the above and with bright green leaves. Spread at least 90cm. 5 Jun-Jul12-28 5019945917835Doone Valley (T. x citriodorus Doone Valley), leaves have a lemonaroma and are attractively variegated green and yellow. Flowers arelavender-pink10 Jun6-415019945917842 French (T. aranjuezii), similar to common thyme but leaves are slightlynarrower. Flowers are pink.30 Jun8-205019945917859 Golden (T. pulegioides Aureus, was T. vulgaris Aureus), leaves turna bright golden-yellow if planted in full sun. Pink flowers and idealin border, rock garden, or herb bed.20 Jun 14-39 5019945917866 Lemon (T. x citriodorus), upright growth with lavender-pink flowers. .30Jun-Jul 6-425019945969148 Lemon Variegated (T. x citriodorus Variegatus), upright growth withsuperb gold-margined leaves and lavender-pink flowers. An excellentplant for a variety of uses.30Jun-Jul 6-425019945917873 Pine Scented (T. caespititius, was T. azoricus), growth forming a densemat with rose-pink flowers. Makes a super rock plant.10Jun-Jul 8-415019945917903Pink Chintz (T. serpyllum Pink Chintz), lovely plant with grey-greenleaves forming a mat up to 90cm wide with pink flowers. 5 Jun-Jul13-28 5019945917897 Silver Posie (T vulgaris Silver Posie), leaves are variegated greenand silver with pink flowers .25Jun-Jul 8-425019945917910 Uses: Most varieties can be used for salad, soup, stew, meat, poulty,fish and fruit salad dishes; stuffing and sauces. Some ornamental varieties such as Pink Chintz and Archers Gold are better suited asgarden plants. Welsh Onion(Allium fistulosum) Bears lovely, large white globe-shaped flowers and vegetables50 Jul-Sep12-39 5019945917552Uses: In salads and soups.Woodruff Sweet(Galium odoratum)Bears small but pretty flowers over delicate green leaves. Grow in shadeor under shrubs for best results.30May-Jun 12-25 5019945917941 Uses: Use leaves or flowers sparingly in wine and tea.44'