b'Greek (O. vulgare hirtum Greek), compact growth with hairy leavesand small white flowers60Jul-Oct17-35 5019945917583Uses: Pasta, pizza, soup, stews, sauces; also use flowers. Hot n Spicy (Oreganum vulgare). As the name suggests, with hot andspicy leaves. Makes a compact, upright plant with white flowers thatattract insects.45Jul-Oct10-20 5019945979642 ParsleyFlat Leaf (Petroselinum crispum hortense), plain-leaved formwith a strong flavour. Biennial50 - 6-415019945917590 Italian, Giant Leaved (P. crispum hortense Giant), different form of theabove with larger, flat leaves excellent for garnishes. Biennial.60 -12-22 5019945917606 Moss Curled (P. crispum), improved form with tightly curled leaves and a strong taste. Biennial .50 - 6-415019945917613Uses: All varieties - Salads, soups, sauces, veg, fish.Rosemary Common (Rosmarinus officinalis), best in well-drained sunny site,evergreen. Flowers intermittently throughout the growing season. 150Apr-Sep6-415019945917620 Corsican (R. officinalis), an improved form of common, but a stronger grower with bright deep blue flowers 150Apr-Sep6-275019945917637 Fota Blue (R. officinalis Fota Blue), lovely dark blue flowers and softarching growth. Young plants need protection from frost.Prostrate growth.50May-Sep8-415019945917644 Pink (R. officinalis Roseus), pink form of the common. 100Apr-Sep8-415019945917651 White (R. officinalis albiflorus), natural white form of the common 130Apr-Sep8-385019945917668Uses: All varieties are great on meat, fish, eggs, cheese,jam and jellies. Also fruit salads & wine cups. Sage Blackcurrant (Salvia microphylla), lovely scarlet flowers over small,sweetly aromatic evergreenleaves. May require protection from frost. 100Aug-Oct 13-25 5019945917682 Common (Salvia officinalis), evergreen herb with lilac-blue flowers75 Jun-Aug6-415019945917699 Icterina (Golden Variegated), attractive plant with variegated greenand yellow leaves.50 Jun-Aug6-415019945917705 Pineapple (S. elegans), strong smell of pineapple when crushed and bears bright scarlet flowers; may require frost protection. 100Dec-Apr 15-32 5019945917712 Purple (S. officinalis Purpurascens), young leaves are red-purple withbright blue flowers60Jun-Jul 9-415019945917729 Tricolor (S. officinalis Tricolor), super decorative plant with leavesvariegated green, pink, white and purple and bears light blue flowers50 Jun-Aug9-415019945917736 Uses: All varieties are suitable in salads, drinks and sponge cakes.Also poultry & meat. Salad Burnet(Sanguisorba minor) Bears greenish flowers with reddish-purple styles and attractive pinnateleaves. Use young leaves for cooking as these have the best cucumbertaste. Self-seeds easily and evergreen in mild winters.45 Jul-Aug 9-255019945917071 Uses: Salads, soups, vinegars and cold drinks.Salad Rocket(Eruca vesicaria)Enjoys moist soils and peppery taste of young leaves add spice to any 10-25&salad. Flowers can also be used in flower arranging. Hardy annual75Aug-Sep 35-37 5019945917675 Uses: Flowers are great as a garnish. Sorrel,Red Veined (Rumex sanguineus v sanguineus)Leaves have a sharp, tangy flavour and look very decorative too.Lasts one season only30Jun-Jul 8-305019945963269 Uses: Sharp flavour for fish, salad and soup dishes.2020 Herbs 43'