b'Mint- Also good in pot-pourri. Best in moist soils. Applemint Green (Mentha suaveolens), broad, handsome leaves with a delightfully rich, fruity fragrance.NEW90Jun-Jul 6-415019945226739 Applemint Variegated (Mentha suaveolens Variegata), leaves havebroad cream margins and white or pink flowers. Has a delightfully rich,fruity fragrance .60Jun-Jul 6-415019945917453 Basil Mint (M x piperita citrata Basil), strong grower with pinkish-purple.6-26& flowers, leaves tinged purple-red in summer60Jun-Jul35-39 5019945917460Black Peppermint (M x piperita), a different form of garden mint with darkened stems and leaf veins50Jun-Jul 8-225019945917538Bowles Mint (M x villosa alopecuroides), bears large spikes of pink flowers 75Jun-Jul 8-415019945917484 Corsican Mint (M requienii), peppermint-scented with lilac flowers, . 12-29& low-growing so good in a rock garden spread .45Jun-Jul35-39 5019945917477Garden Mint Spearmint (M spicata), most commonly used mintwith lilac flowers.60Jun-Jul 6-415019945917491 Indian Mint (Satureja douglasii), tender trailing perennial withmint-scented leaves and white summer flowers. Treat as an annual.10Jun-Jul12-22 5019945969131Lime Mint (M. x piperita citrata Lime), has a strong flavour so use sparingly 60Jun-Jul 8-245019945917514 Moroccan Mint (Mentha spicata Moroccan), another form of gardenmint with a good spearmint flavour.60Jun-Jul 8-225019945917521 Variegated Ginger Mint (M. x gracilis Variegata), leaves are splashedcream and gold and bears many lilac flowers. Strong ginger aromawhen crushed. 30-45 Jun-Jul12-26 5019945917507 Tashkent Mint Curled Spearmint (M. spicata Tashkent),a form of garden mint with curled or crinkled leaves60Jun-Jul 6-415019945917545 Uses: All varieties have many usestea, drinks, salads, yoghurt,carrots, peas, cakes, potatoes, mint sauce and ice cream. Nasturtium(Tropaeolum majus)Red, orange or yellow flowered annual climber; both leaves and flowerscan be added to a salad to give a strong, peppery taste. 200Jun-Oct20-27 5019945917996Uses: Salads, pickling (seeds), spices. Oregano Common (Origanum vulgare), bushy herb with deeppink flowers thatattract bees and very aromatic semi-evergreen, dark green leaves.60Jul-Oct 6-415019945917576 Uses: Pasta, pizza, soup, stews, sauces. Country Cream (O. vulgare Country Cream), leaves are variegated cream and green with lovely pink flowers .40Jul-Oct 6-415019945917569 Uses: Sparingly in salads. Golden Nugget (Origanum vulgare Golden Nugget), striking yellowfoliage forms a neat bush .NEW45Jul-Oct 6-415019945229136 42'