b'Chevril(Anthriscus cerefolium) Annual with white flowers and aniseed-flavoured leaves and stems.50 Jul 7-245019945917125 Uses: Flavouring pork, beef, egg, cheese or on its own. Chives(Allium schoenoprasum) Added advantage of attractive pale purple flowers30Jun-Jul 7-245019945917149 Uses: Salads, soups, cheese etc. Chives, Garlic(Allium tuberosum)Also good in the garden for its fragrant white flowers which can be used as a garnish40 Sep-Oct9-245019945917132 Uses: Salads, soups, cheese etc. Cola Plant(Artemisia arbotatum Cola)Unusual, cola-scented foliage. A recent form of Southernwood thatwas traditionally used to repel moths in clothes wardrobesNEW60 Jul-Aug 6-305019945229143 Uses: Herbal teasComfrey(Symphytum officinale) Vigorous perennial with purple-violet, pink or white flowers.Young leaves traditionally eaten but it is not certain whether this is safe 100 May-Jun 11-25 5019945917163 Uses: Best to treat as ornamental. Coriander(Coriandrum sativum) Annual with white or pale purple flowers.Creates a super middle-eastern flavour in a range of dishes.50Jul-Oct 9-345019945917170Uses: Salads, curry, sauces, meats etc. Curry(Helichrysum italicum) Compact growth and the leaves are intensely aromatic.60Jul-Oct 6-415019945917217Uses: Sparingly on salads.Dill(Anethum graveolens)Aromatic annual that has many uses as a herb90 Jul10-29 5019945917231 Uses: Many uses - sauces, fish salads and vegetables. Fennel Bronze (Foeniculum vulgare Purpureum) Young feathery leaves are an attractive bronze-purple. 150 Sep9-415019945917248Uses: Sauces, fish, salads, meat. Green (F. vulgare) Attractive herb that also looks good in any gardenborder. Freely self-seeds 150 Sep9-415019945917255Uses: As Bronze but also seeds and fruit pies. Feverfew(Tanacetum parthenium) Golden, (was Chrysanthemum parthenium Aureum)Short-lived evergreen perennial with a distinctive aroma andbright golden foliage with white flowers. Self-seeds.40May-Nov7-305019945917262 Green, (was Chrysanthemum parthenium) As above but with green leaves and often more flowers60May-Nov 10-41 5019945917279 Uses: Very sparingly in salads. Garlic(Allium sativum)White flowers are sometimes produced.Best in fertile soil for biggest bulblets60 Jun6-385019945917286 Uses: Variety of uses, including sauces, all savoury dishes. Horseradish(Armoracia rusticana) A herb that produces a long, deep taproot and bold architectural leavesand white flowers. Contact with sap may irritate skin 90May-Sep 11-18 5019945917309Uses: Salads, sauces - fresh root is particularly strong. 40'