b'Ceratostigma- Hardy Plumbago Sun-loving, good autumn colour.willmottianum Forest Blue, stunning cobalt-blue flowers above compactgrowth, attracts butterflies (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights.Propagation illegal without a licence).902L Jul-Oct 5019945921733Chaenomeles -Japanese Quince Large yellow fruits.Madame Butterfly, unigue pink and white-coloured flowers.(Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation illegal without a licence) 150 3LFeb-May5019945931626speciosa Falconnet Charlet, delightful double salmon-pink flowersamong glossy, dark green foliage, followed by yellow-green fruit. 180 3LMar-Apr5019945943179speciosa Geisha Girl, semi-double peach coloured flowers appear laterthan many others. A more compact grower than many.Yellow-green fruitNEW 150 3LMar-May5019945010536speciosa Toyo Nishiki, white flowers deepen to pink creating a strikingeffect. Avigorous grower. Yellow-green fruit.NEW 200 3LMar-May5019945226036x superba Crimson and Gold, deep red flowers with yellow anthers. 180 3LMar-May5019945010505x superba Jet Trail, profuse white flowers, even on young plants. 150 3LMar-May5019945910812x superba Knap Hill Scarlet, orange-scarlet, free-flowering. 150 3LMar-May5019945010543x superba Pink Lady, spreading habit, clear rose-pink flowers, darker in bud150 3LMar-May5019945010574 Choisya -Mexican Orange Blossom Evergreen.x dewitteana Goldfingers, highly decorative three or five fingered leaves.White, scented flowers. (Protected by Plant Variety Rights.Propagation without a licence is illegal) . 120 2LMay-Jun5019945987432ternata, Mexican Orange Blossom,white scented flowers, aromatic leaves180 2LApr-May5019945987425ternata Sundance, golden foliage all year round, white scented flowers.(Protected by Plant Breeders Rights Grant no. 3106.Propagation illegal without a licence). 120 2LApr-May5019945987449 Cistus -Sun Rose Enjoys full sun, tolerates dry soils. Evergreen.x dansereaui Decumbens (x lusitanicus Decumbens), white flowerswith crimson blotches. Low growing and spreading.603L Jun-Jul 5019945010673x hybridus (corbariensis), crimson tinted buds open white, very hardy. 150 3LMay-Jun5019945010659x pulverulentus Sunset, magenta flowers 120 3L Jun-Jul 5019945010666x purpureus, crimson flowers, chocolate blotch 120 3LMay-Jul5019945010703x purpureus Alan Fradd, large white flowers with maroon blotches. 150 3L Jun-Jul 5019945010635 Silver Pink, popular, free-flowering form with pink flowers that fade to silver in the centre, creating a very pleasing effect.NEW903L Jun-Jul 5019945010727 Citrus- Evergreen. Available in the Grow Your Own Catalogue. Convolvulus- Evergreen. cneorum, silver foliage, large white flowers, spreading habit.Full sun and good drainage needed.302LMay5019945011250Cornus -Dogwoodalba Baton Rouge, selected in France for its more compact habit andbrilliant red winter stems. The green summer leaves turn a stunningred-purple autumn colour. The white summer flowers and blue & whiteberries are really a bonus. (Protected by Plant Variety Rights.Propagation without a license is illegal) 100 3L Jun-Jul 5019945991057 alba Sibirica (Westonbirt), scarlet stems in winter 180 3L Jun-Jul 5019945010840sericea Flaviramea (stolonifera Flaviramea), yellow winter stems. 180 3L Jun-Jul 5019945010925 Cotinus- Smoke Bush coggygria Royal Purple, deep wine-purple leaves, turning red in autumn,pink-purple inflorescences . 200 3L Jun-Jul 5019945011274Dusky Maiden, stunning plum-coloured foliage all summer then fiery leafcolours in autumn. A bushy variety that responds well to pruning. Selectedalso because it doesnt flower much so the foliage doesnt get hidden.(Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal). 200 3L Jun-Jul 50199459727114'