b'HERBSAGMHeight 10 yrsFlowering Flowering Wks Available BarcodeAlpine Strawberry(Fragaria vesca)An evergreen herbaceous perennial also useful for ground cover.The small fruits have a distinctive taste.15May5-415019945917767 Uses: Fruit in flans, fruit cups.Angelica (Angelica archangelica) Robust architectural perennial preferring damp soils.White or pink sweet-scented flowers borne above purplish stems. 250Sep-Oct 12-18 5019945916906 Uses: Candied stems. Basil(Ocimum basilicum)- A tropical perennial grown as an annual.Protect from frost. Requires full sun.Bush (O. basilcum minimum), compact and rounded30 Sep-Oct 18-30 5019945916937 Cinnamon (O. basilicum Cinnamon), flowers purple-pink.45 Sep-Oct 19-30 5019945916944 Dark Opal (O. basilicum purpurascens Dark Opal), reddish-purple leaves and pink flowers.45 Sep-Oct 18-30 5019945916951 Green Ruffles (O. basilicum purpurescens Green Ruffles),green leaves curled at the edges.45 Sep-Oct 18-30 5019945916968 Lemon (O. basilicum citriodorum), white flowers, delicious fragrance45Jul-Oct18-26 5019945916999 Purple Ruffles (O. basilicum purpurascens Purple Ruffles), violet andlavender flowers and purple leaves that are curled at the edges.40 Sep-Oct 18-30 5019945916982 Spice, attractive flowers and a strong, sweet fragrance, which can bespinkled on salads25 Aug-Oct 18-30 5019945926134 Sweet, (O. basilicum), the standard form that is often used in cooking45 Sep-Oct 18-33 5019945917002 Thai, distinctive anise flavour perfect in poultry, fish and oriental dishes50 Sep-Oct 18-30 5019945930513 Uses: Basils great for pasta, salads, eggs, soups, fish and tomatoes. Borage (Borago officinalis) Bristly annual with attractive starry, bright blue flowers60Jun-Jul18-24 5019945917057Uses: Salads, soups, fruit drinks. Caraway(Carum carvi) Biennial grown for its liquorice-flavoured seeds .60Jun-Jul 8-245019945917088 Uses: Bread, cakes, pork, vegetables. Celery Leaf(Apium graveolens)Biennial with a slightly bitter taste that mellows in cooking60 - 8-245019945917095 Uses: Salads, soups, chicken and fish dishes. ChamomileDouble (Chamaemelum nobile Flore Pleno), delicious apple-like scent whenthe foliage is crushed and has white or cream double button-like flowers. 12 Jun-Aug5-415019945917101 Uses: Tea.Treneague (Chamaemelum nobile Treneague), non-flowering plant ideal asa lawn alternative. Plant 20-30cm apart10 - 5-415019945917118Uses: Scented lawns.2020 Herbs 39'