b'BAMBOOSAGMHeight 10 yrsPot sizeFlowering BarcodeFargesiamurielae Bambi, thin yellow/green branches, green leaves and a lowcompact habit, perfect for a tub. Non-invasive and tolerate of cold as wellas heat. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation without alicense is illegal) NEW 1203L -5019945229112 murielae Dino, bright green stems fading to a yellow-green as they mature.An excellent bamboo for a pot. Non-invasive and tolerate of cold NEW 2003L -5019945229129 murielae Panda, very hardy, Danish selection with green leaves that age to yellow green. Makes a good screen or hedge and can be grown in a large pot. Not invasive. 3003L -5019945989542murielae Simba, fresh green foliage on compact arching stems.Good for smaller modern gardens 2003L -5019945004054murielae Super Jumbo, has a lovely arching habit and makes an excellentspecimen. Has bright green stems fading to a yellow-green as they mature.It is not invasive. 3003L -5019945918962 murielae Tiny, a nice little bamboo with many shoots and dark greenfoliage. Suitable for a hedge and for pots. Fully winter hardy.NEW 1503L -5019945229105 nitida, the Fountain Bamboo is clump-forming with a dense canopyof evergreen leaves. Attractive purple green canes. 5003L -5019945009301robusta Campbell, a particularly upright form suited to screening andhedging. Its emerging culms are an amazing green colour with whitesheaths that eventually turn green.NEW 4003L -5019945229099Pleioblastussimonii, olive green canes with long narrow leaves 4503L -5019945009332simonii Variegatus, 20cm long mid-green leaves are striped white 3003L -5019945004108 Pseudosasajaponica, forms a dense thicket of dark green canes bearing a lush massof dark, glossy, green leaves. 6003L -5019945009271Semiarundinaria yashadake kimmei, excellent golden, glossy canes with a green stripethat turn bright red if planted where sunshine hits the canes 4003L -5019945940482 38 Bamboos 2020'