b'Polygonum- See Fallopia. Schizophragma -Japanese Hydrangea hydrangeoides Moonlight, 25cm wide heads of cream outer bractswith small, slightly scented white central flowers. Silvery-markedgreen leaves. Excellent autumn colour.600 3LDJun-Jul 5019945915985Solanum- S/W aspect. Semi-evergreen. crispum Glasnevin, Chilean Potato Tree, many rich purple-blueflowers with a yellow central beak, vigorous grower and semi-evergreen400 3LDJul-Oct 5019945005907laxum (jasminoides), lovely pale blue flowers with a yellow staminal beak 600 3LD Aug-Oct5019945005938laxum Album (jasminoides Album), flowers are pure whitewith a yellow staminal beak.600 3LDJul-Oct 5019945005921Sollya- Evergreen. heterophylla, Bluebell Creeper, stunning bell-shaped sky-blueflowers, ideal for a sunny, sheltered wall. S/W aspect preferred .180 3LD Jun-Sep5019945005952Trachelospermum- Evergreen.jasminoides, fragrant creamy-white flowers, foliage turns rich red in autumn.S/W aspect 600 3LDJul-Aug 5019945005983jasminoides Star of Toscane, fragrant pale yellow flowers with a darker centre. Foliage turns rich red in autumn. S/W aspect (Protected byPlant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence).NEW 600 3LDJul-Aug 5019945213401jasminoides Variegatum, fragrant creamy white flowers among creamand green variegated leaves .600 3LDJul-Aug 5019945005990Vitis- (Culinary grape) Available in the Grow Your Own Catalogue. Vitis- (Ornamental grape)Brant, green foliage turning crimson in Autumn with lots of bunchesof small sweet black edible grapes.600 3LD-5019945006010vinifera Purpurea, claret red leaves in summer, turning rich-purple inautumn. E/S/W aspect 600 3LD-5019945006027 Wisteria- E/S/W aspect. floribunda Multijuga (Macrobotrys), very long racemes of lilac-purpleflowers up to 1m long on established plants700 3LD May-Jun5019945006058x formosa Black Dragon (floribunda Yae-kokuryu), racemes of double,dark purple flowers700 3LD May-Jun5019945006096 sinensis Amethyst, fragrant amethyst purple flowers 700 3LD May-Jun5019945915848Campsis x tagliabuana Summer Jazz Fire Campsis x tagliabuana Summer Jazz Gold Trachelospermum jasminoides Star of Toscane2020 Climbers 37'