b'Hydrangea anomala petiolaris, self-clinging, white flat lacy heads of flowers.Good for a North wall. E/W/N aspect .250 3LDJun-Jul 5019945005532seemannii, evergreen, 15cm long leaves plus white, domedflower heads. Native to Mexico but hardy500 3LDJun-Jul 5019945915824Semiola, a petiolaris/seemanii hybrid with large, sterile, flat white flower heads. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation withouta licence is illegal) Good for a North wall. E/W/N aspect.250 3LDMay-Jun 5019945062832 Jasminumbeesianum, fragrant, deep velvety-red. E/S/W aspect.300 3LD May-Jun5019945005549 officinale, Summer Jasmine, white highly-scented, strong-growing.E/S/W aspect.500 3LD Jun-Sep5019945005594officinale affine, bigger white flowers, tinged pink500 3LD Jun-Sep5019945908413officinale Fiona Sunrise, striking rich golden foliage throughout the Summer.Sweetly-scented white flowers. E/S/W aspect. (Protected by PlantBreeders Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal)400 3LD Jun-Sep5019945039780officinale Sunbeam, Sweetly-scented white flowers. E/S/W aspect.(Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal).400 3LD Jun-Sep5019945978911 x stephanense, pale pink, highly-scented flowers.Young leaves often variegated creamy-yellow. E/S/W aspect.500 3LD Jun-Aug5019945005600Lonicera -Honeysuckle E/S/W aspect.x brownii Dropmore Scarlet, scarlet tubular flowers.400 3LDJul-Oct 5019945005631x heckrottii Gold Flame, (American Beauty) long, fragrant yellow flowers,flushed purple300 3LDJul-Sep 5019945005662henryi, vigorous evergreen, downy shoots, yellow flowers, stained red.500 3LDJul-Sep 5019945005655henryi Copper Beauty, young growth is copper tinted then it mellows to green. Fragrant, butter yellow flowers. Evergreen foliage. (Protected by PlantBreeders Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal)500 3LDJul-Sep 5019945062610japonica Darts World, lovely deep pink buds open to pale pink flowers with a nice scent. Semi-evergreen foliage300 3LDJun-Oct5019945062627 japonica Halliana, very popular with yellow, scented flowers and semi- evergreen foliage400 3LDJun-Oct5019945005686 japonica Halls Prolific, an improved form of Halliana with larger andmore profuse flowers, red stems and larger leaves, semi-evergreen400 3LDJun-Oct5019945005693japonica repens, fragrant, cream flushed purple, semi-evergreen.400 3LDJun-Oct5019945005709periclymenum Belgica, Early Dutch Honeysuckle, red purple andyellow flowers 400 3LD May-Jun5019945005723periclymenum Graham Thomas, clusters of sweetly scentedcreamy white and yellow flowers400 3LD Jun-Sep5019945005730periclymenum Serotina, Late Dutch Honeysuckle,red purple and yellow flowers .500 3LDJul-Oct 5019945005747periclymenum Sweet Sue, choice plant with very fragrantcream and yellow flowers400 3LD May-Jun5019945915329x tellmanniana, long, rich golden-yellow flowers, pink in bud450 3LDJun-Jul 5019945005754Parthenocissus- Self-clinging, any aspect.henryana, Chinese Virginia Creeper small leaflets bronze-green with silver veins600 3LD-5019945005808quinquefolia, Virginia Creeper, brilliant orange and scarlet autumn colour.600 3LD-5019945005822tricuspidata Veitchii, Boston Ivy, smaller leaves, vigorous.Excellent red autumn colour. 10003LD-5019945005839Passiflora -Passion Flower S/W aspect. Evergreen.caerulea, Blue Passion Flower, complex creamy white flowerswith blue radial filaments.600 3LD Jun-Sep5019945005785caerulea Constance Elliott, ivory-white flowers, hardier than caerulea400 3LDJun-Oct5019945005792Purple Haze, striking, large pale purple flowers with a deep purplecentre and a white and purple corolla.400 3LD Jun-Sep501994595292836'