b'CLIMBERSAGMHeight 10 yrsPot sizeFlowering BarcodeActinidia deliciosa Solissimo (Renact), self-fertile variety yielding 70gm Kiwi fruitsin autumn on established plants grown on a warm wall or in a glasshouse .350 3LD Jun5019945960893kolomikta, white, slightly fragrant flowers, striking tricoloured variegation.S/W aspect 350 3LD Jun5019945004818Akebiaquinata, Chocolate Vine, semi-evergreen, fragrant red-purple flowers,fruits dark purple. Any aspect.600 3LD Apr5019945004832Campsis radicans, Trumpet Vine, vigorous climber bearing orange-scarlet flowers.S/W aspect 550 3LD Aug-Sep5019945004894radicans flava, trumpet shaped flowers, rich yellow in colour. S/W aspect.550 3LD Aug-Sep5019945004900 x tagliabuana Indian Summer, burnt orange flowers in great abundance on less vigorous stems. (Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence) .300 3LD Aug-Sep5019945997462 x tagliabuana Summer Jazz Fire, deep orange blooms on less vigorous growth making it more reliable in the UK that older varieties.200 3LD Aug-Sep5019945997486 x tagliabuana Summer Jazz Gold, peach coloured blooms on lessvigorous growth making it more reliable in the UK that older varieties200 3LD Aug-Sep5019945997479 Fallopiabaldschuanica, (Polygonum baldschuanicum) Russian Vinevery vigorous. Masses of small white flowers. Any aspect600 3LDJul-Oct 5019945005877Hedera -Ivy Evergreen.Some varieties can be used for ground cover.All varieties prefer E/W/N aspect.canariensis Gloire de Marengo (algeriensis Gloire de Marengo),green and white variegated, large leaf, sheltered wall300 3LD-5019945005426canariensis Montgomery (algeriensis Montgomery), large green leaves, vigorous growth.300 3LD-5019945005402colchica Dentata Variegata, (Dentata Aurea), golden variegated, large leaf.250 3LD-5019945005396colchica Sulphur Heart, (syn.Paddys Pride), yellow-splashed leavesthat become more striking on older plants.250 3LD-5019945005419helix Glacier, small leaves, silvery-grey with white margins250 3LD-5019945005471helix Goldchild (Golden Child), golden variegated leaves 250 3LD-5019945005440helix Green Ripple, finely cut green leaves.250 3LD-5019945005488 Humulus -Hop lupulus Aureus, Golden Hop, soft yellow leaves, vigorous re-growth fromground level every year and fragrant female flower spikes E/W/N aspect500 3LDJun-Jul 5019945005525 2020 Climbers 35'