b'Trollius- Continued Dancing Flame, orange flowers in profusion through early summer.Voted Best New plant at the 2014 National Plant Show. 75May-Jun5019945997493 europaeus, common european globeflower. Erect stems bearing yolk-yellowglobe shaped flowers .60 Jun-Aug5019945042377Valeriana -Valerian Spring Sunshine (phu Aurea), impressive plant noted for its bright yellow leavesin spring that fade to lime-green in summer. Small white summer flowers 150 May-Jun5019945918429Verbena- Featured in both Hotspots and Limited Extras CataloguesVeronica -SpeedwellBlue Bouquet (longifolia Blaubndel), beautiful spikes of intense blue flowers;good cut flower.45 Jun-Aug5019945053243gentianoides, spikes of pale blue flowers above a mat of glossy foliage.NEW45May-Jun5019945935945spicata, spikes of star-shaped bright blue flowers.50 Jul-Sep 5019945030992spicata Heidekind, raspberry pink spikes on a stocky, short plantNEW30 Jul-Sep 5019945228702spicata Red Fox (spicata Rotfuchs), very pretty rose-pink flower spikesabove glossy foliage.35 Jun-Aug5019945960930spicata Royal Candles (spicata Glory), dark-blue candle like flowersand a superb, compact habit.30 Jun-Aug5019945939561 teucrium Royal Blue, spikes of rich blue flowersNEW45 Jul-Sep 5019945036352Zauschneria -Californian Fuchsiacalifornica Western Hills, a mass of scarlet tubular flowersthrough late summerNEW40 Jul-Sep 501994592872534'