b'Sedum -Ice Plant Available in the Hotspots Catalogue. Sidalcea -Prairie MallowElsie Heugh, purple-pink, fringed flowers.90 Jun-Aug5019945034969Party Girl, attractive deep pink flowers.90 Jun-Aug5019945029200Starks Hybrids, various shades of pink75 Jun-Aug5019945029194 Silene -Campion schafta Shell Pink, masses of beautiful shell-pink flowers over pretty,compact, semi-evergreen growth .25 Aug-Oct5019945924772 uniflora Druetts Variegated, creamy white ballooned flowers in early summerabove attractive, cream-variegated, semi-evergreen foliage. NEW10May-Jun5019945225299Solidago -Golden Rod Goldkind (Golden Baby) Familiar golden yellow flower plumes,this time on a more compact plant.45Aug-Sep5019945055001Little Lemon, bred for smaller, modern gardens, it forms a neat plant with lotsof lemon yellow flower heads and it has good mildew tolerance.NEW45Aug-Sep5019945979758Stachys -Woundwortbyzantina (olympica), attractive white woolly foliage45 Jun-Aug5019945029316 Stokesia- Available in the Hotspots Catalogue. Tanacetum -Pyrethrum, Painted Daisycoccineum Giant, a mix of colours, from pale pink through to deep Crimson NEW75 Jun-Aug5019945028944coccineum Robinsons Red (Robinsons Crimson), good strain with largerose-carmine flowers75 Jun-Aug5019945028937Thalictrum -Meadow Rueaquilegiifolium Hybridum, loose fluffy heads, in purple-mauve shades.90 May-Jul5019945029378delavayi (dipterocarpum), lavender flowers with a yellow centre. 140Jul-Sep 5019945029385delavayi Ankum, glaucous, aquilegia-like foliage and vigorous dark stemstopped with pinky-lilac flowers. 200Jul-Sep 5019945990166delavayi Black Stockings, fluffy, lavender purple flowerheads on black stems above aquilegia-like, fresh green foliage. 3L.NEW 200Jun-Sep5019945227798 delavayi Hewitts Double, clouds of tiny, double, purple flowers and blue-green, aquilegia-like leaves 140Jul-Sep 5019945922006 Elin, tall stems of aquilegia-like foliage topped with masses if tinylavender and yellow flowers. 200Jun-Aug5019945922013Nimbus Pink, profuse clouds of pink flowers on a fabulous compact plant. 3L NEW70 Jul-Sep 5019945219823 Nimbus White, profuse clouds of white flowers on a fabulouscompact plant. 3LNEW70 Jul-Sep 5019945219830 Tradescantia -Spiderwort x andersoniana Blue and Gold, violet blue flowers and golden foliage. Best in some shade55 Jun-Sep5019945980754 x andersoniana Innocence, pure-white flowers60 Jun-Sep5019945052826x andersoniana Osprey, white flowers, blue centres.60 Jun-Sep5019945029484x andersoniana Pink Chablis, pink flowers with a lovely paler edge to the petal60 Jun-Sep5019945990142 x andersoniana Purple Dome, rich-purple flowers.50 Jun-Sep5019945029491x andersoniana Red Grape, glowing magenta flowers.50 Jun-Sep5019945201361 x andersoniana Sweet Kate, striking yellow foliage contrasts with the violet blue flowers.50 Jun-Sep5019945990159 x andersoniana Valour, violet-red flowers70 Jun-Sep5019945029507 Trollius -Globe Flowerchinensis Golden Queen, large, orange, bowl-shaped flowers90May-Jun5019945029460 x cultorum Alabaster, delightful, large, double palest-yellow, lightly scented flowers90May-Jun5019945943216 2020 Herbaceous 33'