b'King George V, profusion of bright red flowers with white markings to the throat,over semi-evergreen growth.70Jul-Oct 5019945038370Purple Bedder, claret purple flowers.70Jul-Oct 5019945038400Snow Storm (White Bedder), many pink-tinged buds open to pure white flowers.70Jul-Oct 5019945960176Sour Grapes, magenta blue flowers with a metallic sheen, may requireprotection in colder winters60 Jun-Oct5019945905122 Phloxdivaricata Clouds of Perfume, scented, lavender-blue flowers on a gentlyspreading semi-evergreen plantNEW35May-Jun5019945057708 divaricata White Perfume, white flowered form of the aboveNEW35May-Jun5019945055247 paniculata Blue Boy, scented, lavender-blue flowers90 Jul-Sep 5019945982925 paniculata Bright Eyes, clear pink flowers with a dark eye.80 Jul-Sep 5019945049840paniculata David, scented, white flowers.90 Jul-Sep 5019945990449paniculata Eva Cullum, attractive pink flowers with a dark pink eye.Good cut flower75 Jul-Sep 5019945939769paniculata Laura, pretty, violet-blue fragrant flowers with a white centre.Good resistance to mildew.90 Jul-Sep 5019945943049paniculata Nicky, scented, violet flowers.90 Jul-Sep 5019945982932 paniculata Orange Perfection, orange flowers with a good scent.90 Jul-Sep 5019945990456 paniculata Starfire, deep crimson-red flowers, dark green leaves .90 Jul-Sep 5019945028548 Polemonium Brise dAnjou & Bressingham Purple, available in the Hotspots Catalogue. caeruleum Bambino Blue, clusters of violet-blue flowers abovelovely foliage.NEW30 May-Jul5019945042209 Lambrook Mauve, bell-shaped mauve flowers with contrasting orange antherson erect stems 45May-Jun5019945961876Northern Lights, soft blue flowers and a delightful scent40May-Jun5019945936133yezoense hidakanum Purple Rain, attractive dark plum, fern-like foliagewith large violet-purple flowers.60 Jun-Aug5019945935891Primula auricula alpina, attractive yellow flowers, evergreen15Mar-May5019945028753beesiana, beautiful semi-evergreen Candelabra primula, pinkish-red flowers.Loves light shade60Jun-Jul 5019945918412bulleyana, superb, semi-evergreen Candelabra primula with groups oforange buds, that open to yellow flowers, borne up a stout stem .60May-Jun5019945918696capitata mooreana, stunning violet blue flowers form round heads,dusted with white as they form, above a silver-green foliage rosetteNEW20May-Jun5019945948037 chungensis, orangey-yellow flowers in 5-6 tiersNEW60May-Jun5019945918436 japonica Apple Blossom, stunning, robust candelabra primula bearing pink flowers with a red-orange eye that fades to orange with age60 May-Jul5019945927551veris, in the Hotspots Catalogue Phlox paniculata Laura Primula beesiana Primula capitata mooreana2020 Herbaceous 31'