b'Paeonia- ContinuedItoh Prairie Charm, double, soft yellow blooms with a red centre70May-Jun5019945066298 lactiflora Alertie, double, soft pink blooms 85May-Jun5019945066311 lactiflora Alexander Fleming, stunning, large, rich-pink fragrant double flowers90May-Jun5019945958951 lactiflora Avalanche, big, fragrant, double blooms that are blush white withsome red streaking. Nice dark foliage80Jun-Jul 5019945980310 lactiflora Barrington Belle, fuchsia pink semi double flowers with an interestingfluffy centre80May-Jun5019945958920 lactiflora Big Ben, big, aptly named, double red blooms 100 May-Jun5019945066328 lactiflora Bouquet Perfect, frilly, double, pink blooms, 13cm across. Dark foliage.60Jun-Jul 5019945980334lactiflora Bowl of Beauty, eye-catching, very large, scented pink flowerswith a frilly white centre 80Jun-Jul 5019945958975lactiflora Bowl of Love, eye-catching, large, mid pink, scented flowerswith a frilly, blush pink centre.NEW70Jun-Jul 5019945225817 lactiflora Black Beauty, deep plum 12cm wide double blooms.90Jun-Jul 5019945980327 lactiflora Doreen, candy pink semi double flowers with a fluffy cream centre.80May-Jun5019945066281lactiflora Duchess of Nemours, very large, amazing, double, pure whitefragrant flowers.80Jun-Jul 5019945959019lactiflora Festiva Maxima, big, double white blooms with a streakedraspberry centre 100 Jun-Jul 5019945958982 lactiflora Francoise Ortegat, black-red double blooms.Introduced 150 years ago!75Jun-Jul 5019945066304 lactiflora Gardenia, big white blooms with a hint of pale pink. One of the most scented varieties available85Jun-Jul 5019945980297 lactiflora Immaculee, scented white bowl-shaped flowersNEW90Jun-Jul 5019945225886 lactiflora Inpecteur Lavergne, fully double, intense red fragrant flowers,on long stems, ideal for cutting90Jun-Jul 5019945965348lactiflora Jubilee, beautiful double white flowers with a fluffy cream centre. 100 May-Jun5019945067875 lactiflora Kansas, large, double, bright red flowers.90Jun-Jul 5019945958999lactiflora Krinkled White, single, white, cup-shaped flowers with yellow centres.90Jun-Jul 5019945959002lactiflora Lady Alexandra Duff, large, semi-double, scented, blush pink flowerson strong stems .NEW80Jun-Jul 5019945213487 lactiflora Madame Calot, fragrant, double blooms with pale pink outer petalsand a creamy yellow centre75Jun-Jul 5019945980266lactiflora Moon of Nippon, large, single white flowers with a prominent,frilly yellow centre NEW60Jun-Jul 5019945213494 lactiflora Peter Brand, big double red blooms 90May-Jun5019945067882 lactiflora Pillow Talk, fully double, soft pink flowers.NEW70Jun-Jul 5019945213500 lactiflora Raspberry Sundae, stunning cream petals that are suffused pinkwhich deepens towards the centre. A delightful soft, sweet fragrance80Jun-Jul 5019945959033 lactiflora Sword Dance, deep purple-red single blooms with prominentyellow stamens blooms90Jun-Jul 5019945980235 officinalis Alba Plena, traditional, double, white peony.80May5019945980211 officinalis Rosa Bella, traditional, double, pink peony.80May5019945980228Papaver -Poppyorientale Carneum, beautiful shades of salmon 100 May-Jun5019945028296orientale Dwarf Allegro Vivace, finely-cut foliage with orange-scarlet flowers .40May-Aug5019945028173orientale Princess Victoria Louise (Prinzessin Victoria Louise),large salmon-rose flowers 85 May-Jul5019945038431 orientale Royal Wedding, gorgeous pure-white flowers with black centres 85 May-Jul5019945911253Penstemon -Beard Tonguedigitalis Husker Red, handsome, bronze-purple foliage with heads ofwhite flowers in mid summer, semi-evergreen.90Jun-Jul 5019945904538Garnet (Andenken an Friedrich Hahn), masses of vibrant, deep wine-red flowersover semi-evergreen growth.60Jul-Oct 5019945028449heterophyllus Heavenly Blue, many stunning, rich mauve-blue flowers .45Jul-Oct 5019945960169Hewell Pink Bedder (Hewells Pink), many delightful pink flowers with awhite throat .80Jul-Oct 501994503834930'