b'thunbergii Golden Rocket, columnar form with glowing golden-green foliage and red autumn berries. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation illegal without a licence).NEW 150 3LApr-May5019945213807 thunbergii atropurpurea Nana, Little Favourite, dwarf purple form, deciduous 603LApr-May5019945009561thunbergii Orange Rocket, coral red young growth mellowing to green insummer. This columnar variety has good autumn leaf tints. Yellow springflowers. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation illegalwithout a licence) 120 3LApr-May5019945983007 thunbergii Rose Glow, purple leaves, variegated pink and white. 150 3LApr-May5019945009707thunbergii Starburst, fantastic variety with young red stems and cream,white and pink variegated leaves that turn deep crimson in autumn(Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation illegal without a licence) 120 3LApr-May5019945932739 Brachyglottis(Senecio) - Evergreen. Sunshine, silver foliage makes a broad mound then yellow daisy flowersappear every summer. Good seaside shrub 150 3L Jun-Jul 5019945017849 Buddleja(Buddleia) - Butterfly Bushdavidii Black Knight, long trusses of dark violet-purple flowers .180+3L Jul-Sep 5019945009776davidii Empire Blue, violet blue, orange eye 180+3L Jul-Sep 5019945009783davidii Pink Delight, large pink trusses.180+3L Jul-Sep 5019945009844 davidii Royal Red, red-purple flowers.180+3L Jul-Sep 5019945009851 davidii Santana, royal red flowers set against yellow variegated foliage.180+3L Jul-Sep 5019945053328 davidii White Profusion, white, yellow eye.180+3L Jul-Sep 5019945009882Lochinch, compact habit, scented violet blue flowers . 200 3L Jul-Sep 5019945009905Callicarpabodinieri giraldii Profusion, clusters of purple-blue berries from lilac flowers200 3LAug5019945009967Callistemon- Bottle Brush Sun-loving evergreen shrub.citrinus Splendens, attractive pink-red shoots combinewell with bright crimson flowers. 180 3L Jun-Jul 5019945009974rigidus, scarlet flowers, the hardiest specie 180 3L Jun-Jul 5019945009981 Camellias- Available in the Hotspots Catalogue. Carpenteria- Evergreen. californica, attractive cistus-like, scented white flowers among attractive,glossy green foliage. Requires full sun and a warm wall in cold areas . 200 3L Jun-Jul 5019945919655Caryopteris- Prefers full sun.x clandonensis Dark Knight, selected for its particularly dark blue/purple flower colour603LSep-Oct5019945206977 x clandonensis Hint of Gold, attractive hot lime green foliage followed bylong spikes of rich blue flowers. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights.Propagation illegal without a licence).603LSep-Oct5019945947214x clandonensis Kew Blue, dark blue flowers.603LAug-Sep5019945010000 Ceanothus- Californian LilacKnown for their striking blue flowers, south or west walls preferred.All varieties we offer are evergreen. Plants are caned unless otherwise stated.arboreus Trewithen Blue, vigorous variety with large leaves andmid blue flowers. Can be trained into a small tree in milder areas 400 4LD May-Jun5019945985070 Concha, a hardy variety producing mid-blue flowers. 250 3LD May-Jun5019945010307griseus horizontalis Yankee Point, mid-blue, free-flowering, superb foliage 250 3LD May-Jun5019945010437Puget Blue, bright blue, tight glossy foliage 200 3LD May-Jun5019945010352 thyrsiflorus Mystery Blue, increasingly popular variety that did well in theRHS Ceanothus trials. China blue flowers in great profusion set againstglossy foliage. 200 4LD May-Jun5019945985063 thyrsiflorus repens, light blue, mound-forming 120 3LD May-Jun5019945010413thyrsiflorus repens, as above but un-caned 120 3LD May-Jun50199450428032020 Shrubs 3'