b'Helianthus Lemon Queen, lemon yellow, small sunflowers on an imposing plant to addwow factor to the back of a late summer border. A good cut flower 200Aug-Oct5019945914001Helleborus -Hellebore Evergreen.niger Potters Wheel, amazing Hellebore with large, white, upward-facing,bowl-shaped flowers to 10cm (5) across. .3L30 Dec-Mar5019945908598see the Hotspots Catalogue for several other varieties Hemerocallis -Day Lily Good drought resistance. Arctic Snow, flowers of ivory-white with a lime-green throat.60 Jun-Aug5019945922068Bakabana, bright yellow blooms.50 Jun-Aug5019945990845Byzantine Emperor, large, burgundy red flowers.75 Jun-Aug5019945980709Custard Candy, flowers are cream with a maroon ring and a green throat.50 Jun-Aug5019945990869Daring Deception, flowers are dusky pink with a maroon ring and a green throat.50 Jun-Aug5019945939509El Desperado, large, stunning mustard-yellow flowers with wine-purple centres 70 Jun-Aug5019945922051Fooled Me, golden flowers with an orange centre .50 Jun-Aug5019945990913Happy Returns, clear yellow flowers on a short plant over a long period,hence the nameNEW40 Jun-Sep5019945990876 Irresistible Charm, stunning flowers, orange inside then yellow and withpicotee orange edgesNEW60 Jun-Aug5019945225251Little Bumble Bee, yellow flowers with maroon centres45 Jun-Aug5019945051690 Little Wine Cup, claret flowers with a yellow centre.50 Jun-Aug5019945063857 Longfields Glory,salmon pink flowers with a deeper ring then a yellow centre80 Jul-Aug 5019945990821 Purpleicious, luxurious, purple brown flowers with a yellow centreNEW60 Jun-Aug5019945225268Little Bumble Bee, yellow flowers with maroon centres45 Jun-Aug5019945051690 Sammy Russell, long, orange red petals with a yellow central streak.50 Jun-Aug5019945990890Heuchera -Coral Flower Evergreen. Spring and Autumn Collections (1 &2lt), available in the Hotspots Catalogue.Hollyhock(Althaea)Double Maroon, deep maroon flowers open in succession throughlate summerNEW 200Jul-Aug 5019945069596 Double Scarlet, rich red flowers open in succession through late summer.NEW 200Jul-Aug 5019945212800 Double White, clear white flowers open in succession through late summerNEW 200Jul-Aug 5019945200203 Double Yellow, soft yellow flowers open in succession through late summer.NEW 200Jul-Aug 5019945200227 Hosta -Plantain Lily Available in the Hotspots Catalogue.Incarvillea -Hardy Gloxiniadelavayi Rose, erect stems carrying several, 6cm, trumpet-shaped deep pink flowers.60 Jun5019945936645 Iris- germanica varieties available in the Hotspots Catalogue.ensata Variegata, purple red flowers above cream striped foliage.Needs a moist soil 90 Jul 5019945200746 sibirica Blue Moon, violet blue flowers with attractive darker veiningNEW90Jun-Jul 5019945225664 sibirica Caesars Brother, striking flowers coloured intense violet with speckled marking to the throat.90Jun-Jul 5019945964914sibirica Dreaming Yellow, white and cream petal and a yellow centre.90Jun-Jul 5019945910249 sibirica Flight of Butterflies, delightful purple-blue flowers with strikingveining to the falls.60May-Jun5019945910256sibirica Golden Edge, vivid blue flowers with a stunning picotee petal edge 70Jun-Jul 5019945225275 sibirica Lady in Waiting, near-white, lightly ruffled, double flowers with brushed lavender edgesNEW70Jun-Jul 5019945211636 sibirica Perrys Blue, popular sibirica type with sky blue flowers90May-Jun5019945027374sibirica Reddy Maid, wine red flowers with a white, veined centre .NEW70May-Jun5019945214859 sibirica Sparkling Rose, lovely purple-rose flowers with a veined white base.90Jun-Jul 5019945937765sibirica Wine Wings, violet flowers with a white, veined centre .NEW80May-Jun5019945214866 sibirica White Ladies, white flowers with a yellow centre NEW80Jun-Jul 501994521164326'