b'Rozanne, award-winning stunner, with non-stop blue flowers with a paler,veined centre. Grows to 80cm wide each summer, once established.(Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal) .NEW50 Jun-Sep5019945964112sanguineum, good ground cover. Crimson-magenta flowers .25 Jun-Sep5019945026155sanguineum Album, pale-pink buds open to pure-white flowers.25May-Jun5019945905450sanguineum Max Frei, dark-magenta flowers.20 Jun-Aug5019945905559sanguineum striatum Splendens, mats of soft dark-green leaves,pretty rose-pink flowers25 Jun-Sep5019945026162Sweet Heidy, pinky-purple flowers with a paler, veined centre.(Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal) .NEW45 Jun-Sep5019945221505 sylvaticum Mayflower, large violet blue flowers with white centres60May-Jun5019945052116subcaulescens Giuseppii, stunning magenta flowers on low mound forming,evergreen growth10May-Aug5019945966550wallichianum Buxtons Variety, striking sky blue flowers with a contrasting white centre and lovely, marbled foliage30 Jun-Oct5019945928152 wallichianum Sylvias Surprise, pink flowers with a paler centre above a compact plant and good autumn leaf colour (Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal).40 Jun-Oct5019945991385Geum -Avenscoccineum Queen of Orange, large, attractive, bright orange-red flowers over semi-evergreen foliage .40May-Jun5019945937055Lady Stratheden, large double rich-yellow flowers on branching stems2L60 Jun-Aug5019945026094Lady Stratheden, 3L.NEW60 Jun-Aug5019945066625Mrs J. Bradshaw, large semi-double scarlet flowers. .2L60 Jun-Aug 5019945026100 Mrs J. Bradshaw, 3L NEW60 Jun-Aug 5019945066623Tempo Yellow, profuse, apricot-yellow flowers on a bushy, upright plantNEW50 Apr-Jun 5019945224292 Gypsophila -Babys Breathfastigiata Silverstar, excellent dwarf variety bearing masses of whitesummer flowers 25 Jun-Aug5019945057715 Helenium -Sneezeweed Good cut flower.autumnale Helena Red Shades, (Helena Rote Tone), excellent vibrantred flowers with yellow margins.2L 120Jul-Sep 5019945939615autumnale Helena Red Shades, 3LNEW 120Jul-Sep 5019945068902 autumnale Helena Yellow, masses of attractive upright stems ofgolden-yellow flowers. Good cut flower2L 120Jul-Sep 5019945940994autumnale Helena Yellow, 3LNEW 120Jul-Sep 5019945066762 Moerheim Beauty, stunning flowers consisting of a dark central conesurrounded by rich copper-red petals .3L90 Jun-Aug5019945936515puberulum Autumn Lollipop, attractive, unusual flower with the central conein the shape of a drumstick. Small yellow flowers hang beneath.90 Jul-Sep 5019945946835 Geranium Dreamland Geranium Sweet Heidy Hemerocallis Happy Returns2020 Herbaceous 25'