b'Erigeron - FleabaneBlue Beauty, clear-blue double flowers 60 Jul-Sep 5019945025929glaucus Sea Breeze Mauve, darker flowered form of this resilient seaside favourite 30 Apr-Sep5019945984073 glaucus Sea Breeze Pink, darker flowered form of this resilient seasidefavouriteNEW30 Apr-Sep5019945984653 Pink Jewel (Rosa Juwel), attractive semi-double yellow-centred, lilac-pink flowers70 Jul-Sep 5019945025943Wayne Roderick, lovely lavender-blue flowers over compact evergreen foliage.Can flower for longer if regularly dead-headed .30 Jul-Sep 5019945943698ErodiumSpanish Eyes, Geranium relative with charming, veined, pink flowers,1.5cm wide from spring to autumn on a neat, spreading, hardy plant NEW20May-Sep5019945225190 Eryngium -Sea Hollyplanum, blue, thimble-sided flowers in abundance.NEW90 Jul-Aug 5019945025967 variifolium, globular steel-blue flowers against silvery veined evergreen foliage40 Jul-Aug 5019945048232Eupatorium -White Snakeroot rugosum Chocolate, (Ageratina altissima Chocolate) good combinationof maroon-brown leaves and white flowers with a distinct chocolate smell 150Jul-Aug 5019945055087Euphorbia -SpurgeSold as a Hotspots promotionGaillardia -Blanket Flowerx grandiflora Kobold (Goblin), dwarf habit, rich red and yellow-tipped flowers.35 Jun-Oct5019945026063Gaura- Semi-evergreen, good cut flower. Available in our Hotspots CatalogueGeranium -Cranes BillAzure Rush, German-discovered compact sport of Rozanne. Same flower colour but the plant doesnt grow wider than 50cm so better for small spaces.Also a few weeks earlier into flower than Rozanne.NEW30May-Sep5019945201781cinereum Jolly Jewel Night, high impact magenta flowers with a deep plum centre on a compact, neat plant. (Protected by Plant Variety Rights.Propagation without a licence is illegal) NEW20 May-Jul5019945224261 Dreamland, exquisite pink flowers with lovely veining, from late spring to late summer on a neat, mounding plant. Bred on Orkney by Alan Bremner. (Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal) .NEW40May-Sep5019945226746 Johnsons Blue, dark-lobed leaves, light-blue flowers 30May-Aug5019945026124JS Matu Vu, very compact form of Geranium psilostemon with large,black-eyed, carmine-pink flowers.NEW35May-Sep5019945223011 La Veta Lace, pale purple flowers over a compact evergreen mound of foliagethat is tinted purple and scarlet in winter. (Protected by Plant Variety Rights.Propagation without a licence is illegal) NEW30 May-Jul5019945208995 Lilac Lace, another sport of Rozanne, this time with lilac flowers with lovely darker veining. Less vigorous that Rozanne spreading to only 40cmNEW35May-Sep5019945225244 Patricia, metallic, mauve pink flowers with maroon veins and centres.(Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal)60May-Jun5019945913936phaeum Album, clear white flowers with reflexed petals and golden anthers.Good in damp or dry shade .80May-Aug5019945918719phaeum phaeum Samobor, midnight-purple flowers over large leavesstrikingly-zoned in dark chocolate brown80May-Aug5019945052147pratense Black n White, near white, silver-veined flowers set againstcontrasting near black foliage. NEW40 May-Jul5019945209008 Philippe Vapelle, make neat mound with attractive blue-grey leaves likeG. renardii, one of its parents. Flowers bluish violet with strongly markeddark veins.NEW30May-Sep5019945966376 pratense New Dimension, pale blue flowers set against dark foliage.NEW40May-Jun5019945228351 renardii, clump-forming perennial, lobed, circular sage-green leavesand purple-veined white flowers30 May-Jul5019945026131 24'