b'Artemisia -Wormwood Powis Castle, beautiful evergreen, delicate leaves and lovely silver-yellow flowers. 100 Aug-Sep5019945914353Aster -Michaelmas Daisy(Also now referred to as Symphyotrichum)amellus Rudolph Goethe, this form of Italian Aster has lilac coloured flowers NEW50Aug-Sep5019945977051 x frikartii Jungfrau, a good, shorter-growing alternative to the ever-popularMonch with the same valuable mildew resistance60Aug-Sep5019945977068x frikartii Monch, masses of pretty lavender-blue flowers with orange centresin autumn. Quite mildew resistant70Aug-Sep5019945932715 novae-angliae Alma Potschke, cerise pink flowers on tall, self-supporting stems. 100Sep-Oct5019945062665 novi-belgii Alice Haslam, deep cerise flowers over dark foliage30 Sep-Oct5019945043879novi-belgii Herbstgruss vom Bresserhof, clear pink flowers40 Sep-Oct5019945977082 novi-belgii Jenny, attractive double ruby-red flowers30 Sep-Oct5019945024960novi-belgii Kristina, masses of pure white flowers30 Sep-Oct5019945038066novi-belgii Lady in Blue, handsome, semi-double, rich blue flowers.30 Sep-Oct5019945039506novi-belgii Marie Ballard, double light-blue flowers90 Sep-Oct5019945025004novi-belgii Peter Harrison, rose pink flowers on a neat compact dome35 Sep-Oct5019945977044novi-belgii Professor Anton Kippenberg, masses of mid-blue flowers30 Sep-Oct5019945037373novi-belgii Winston S Churchill, glowing ruby-red double flowers75 Sep-Oct5019945025011Astilbe Bressingham Beauty, (Arendsii group) rich pink flower spikes.3L90 Jul-Aug 5019945066533x crispa Perkeo, lovely plumes of deep pink flowers above attractive,glossy, dark green dwarf growth, tinged bronze when young 25 Jul-Aug 5019945940802Deutschland, (japonica hybrid) large panicles of white flowers.3L60 Jul-Aug 5019945066496Fanal, deep red flower spikes3L60 Jul-Aug 5019945066502Inshriach Pink, (simplicifolia hybrid) attractive pink spikes3L60 Jul-Aug 5019945066489Koln, (japonica hybrid) deep cerise-pink flower spikes 3L60 Jun-Aug5019945066519Pink Lightning, pink plumes above compact, bronzy foliage. 3L.NEW40 Jul-Sep 5019945225893Sprite, (simplicifolia hybrid) dark shiny foliage, salmon-pink flowers.40 Jul-Aug 5019945025066Vision in Pink, vibrant pink plumes above green feathery foliage (Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal). 3L NEW70 Jul-Aug 5019945224230Vision in Red, vibrant purple-red plumes(Protected by Plant Variety Rights.Propagation without a licence is illegal). 3L NEW70 Jul-Aug 5019945224247White Sensation (White Sprite), stunning pure white flower plumes overdark green, shiny foliage. .3L40 Jul-Aug 5019945066526Astrantia- Available in the Hotspots Catalogue. Bergenia- Available in the Hotspots Catalogue.Brunnera- Available in the Limited Extras Catalogue.Campanula -Bell Flowerglomerata alba, Clustered Bellflower clusters of pure white flowers onerect stems. Good cut flower.50May-Jun5019945035706glomerata Freya, Clustered Bellflower large clusters of lilac purple flowers onerect stems. Good cut flower (Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagationwithout a licence is illegal)NEW50May-Jun5019945224278glomerata Superba, clusters of violet-blue flowers.75Jun-Jul 5019945025196lactiflora Loddon Anna, masses of pretty, soft pink flowers up a tall, upright stem 120Jul-Sep 5019945060616latifolia alba, white flowers carried on erect stems 120Jul-Aug 5019945025202persicifolia alba (persicifolia White), upright stems of clear white flowers,good for cutting 80 Jun-Aug5019945025233persicifolia Telham Beauty, large light-blue flowers on erect stems 80 Jun-Aug5019945025226punctata rubriflora, handsome cream to purple flowers with intense crimson spots 40Jun-Jul 5019945040496 Catananche caerulea Amor Blue, profusion of blue flowers, good cut flower60 Jun-Sep5019945917972caerulea Alba, masses of white flowers.60 Jun-Sep501994590458320'