b'A-Z Contents- ALL our products are sent out with a bespoke label.SHRUBS 2Award of Garden Merit Given to plants by the Royal Horticultural HERBACEOUS PERENNIALS . 17 Society who consider a particular plant toCLIMBERS 35be especially garden worthy.BAMBOOS . 38Potential height Height:Plant height (in cm) after 10 years of growth.HERBS . 39PLANTS FOR A PURPOSE 45Flowering timesFlowering: Meant as a guide only and are dependent CONDITIONS OF SALE 46 upon climatic and environmental conditions. SHRUBSAGMHeight 10 yrsPot sizeFlowering BarcodeAbelia- Full sun preferred. Semi-evergreen. x grandiflora, pink and white, slightly fragrant flowers, evergreen in milder climates. 180 3L Jul-Oct 5019945008816x grandiflora Francis Mason, pale pink, slightly fragrant flowers, andattractive yellow and green foliage. Evergreen in milder climatesNEW 120 3L Jul-Oct 5019945008809 grandiflora Kaleidoscope, pretty white fragrant flowers above gold and greenvariegated foliage that turns to shades of orange, red and yellow in winter.(Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation illegal without a licence) 100 3L Jul-Oct 5019945941083Abutilon- Semi-evergreen. Cynthia Pike, lovely orange and red flowers. Requires winter protection 200 3LMay-Oct5019945008847Marion, large bold, bright orange flowers. Requires winter protection 200 3LMay-Oct5019945034730Nabob, large, beautiful deep maroon flowers. Requires winter protection 200 3LMay-Oct5019945008922 Aucuba- Spotted Laurel Versatile in sun or shade. Evergreen.japonica Crotonifolia,attractive finely-speckled, gold-blotched leaves, female180 3LApr-May5019945009417japonica Golden Girl, new compact female selection with heavily-spottedleaves and shorter internodes. Has red berries if pollinated by a male variety.(Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation illegal without a licence) 120 3LApr-May5019945982970japonica Golden King, male, non-berrying form grown for its strikinggold-splashed leavesNEW 150 3LApr-May5019945009424japonica Variegata, attractive toothed foliage speckled yellow, large red berries 180 3LApr-May5019945009448Berberis- All flowers yellow unless otherwise stated.darwinii, yellow flowers over glossy, evergreen growth. 200 3LApr-May5019945009486thunbergii atropurpurea Admiration, stunning orange-red, glossy leaveswith a yellow to lime-green edging and pretty light pink flowers.Excellent crimson autumn colour. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights.Propagation illegal without a licence).603LApr-May5019945937581 thunbergii Golden Ring, narrow gold margin to maroon leaves 150 3LApr-May50199450095092'