b'Agapanthus- ContinuedCastle of Mey, very free-flowering selection made at the Crown Estates, Windsor. Non-evergreen so better hardiness. .NEW60 Jul-Aug 5019945218017 Charlotte, compact with sterile blue star-shaped flowers over a long period.Evergreen. (Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal)NEW50 Jul-Aug 5019945213425 Double Diamond, many pretty double white flowers over compactevergreen growth. (Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation withouta licence is illegal) .30 Jul-Aug 5019945957268Ever Sapphire, round blue flowerheads over an extended period. Very free- flowering. Compact so a super variety for a pot. Evergreen. (Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal)NEW50 Jun-Aug5019945218024Ever White, round white flowerheads over an extended period.Very free-flowering. Compact so a super variety for a pot. Evergreen.(Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal) .NEW50 Jun-Aug5019945218031 Flower of Love, luxurious dark blue flowers. Non-evergreen good hardinesss. (Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal) .NEW60 Jul-Aug 5019945218079 Lapis Lazuli, deep blue flowers, small but plentiful and over anextended period. Semi-evergreen.NEW60 Jun-Aug5019945218123 Lavender Haze, very large lavender blue heads over semi-evergreen foliage.An impressive cut flower.60 Jul-Aug 5019945937499Moonlight Star, striking, striped blue and violet flowers creat a star effectabove broad, sturdy evergreen foliageNEW60 Jul-Aug 5019945218147 Navy Blue, very dark blue flowers, later than others so good for continuity. Non-evergreen .NEW60Aug-Sep5019945957299 Northern Star, violet blue flowers with a darker stripe form an impressive display. Foliage has a purple tinge to its base 100Jul-Aug 5019945957305 Silver Baby, masses of silvery white heads, tinged blue over very compact,evergreen growth45 Jun-Aug5019945928190 Sky, an inapertus type so hardier than normal varieties and with attractivependulous flowers, vigorous. 120Jul-Aug 5019945930766Snow Crystal, white flowers on tall, upright stems. EvergeenNEW80 Jul-Aug 5019945218130 Strawberry Ice, white flowers, densely clustered are tinged pink.Very striking held on upright sturdy stems. EvergreenNEW60 Jul-Aug 5019945069770 Sweet Surprise, pale blue flowers each with a striking blue central line.Produces a second fluch of flowers. EvergreenNEW50 Jul-Aug 5019945218154 White Heaven, huge white heads and long lasting seed pods.(Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal)90 Jul-Aug 5019945992368Ajuga -Bugle Semi-evergreen.reptans Black Scallop, attractive rich blue flowers above delightful,large, glossy black foliage. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights.Propagation without a license is illegal) .15 Apr-Jun 5019945937543reptans Braunherz, pretty light blue flowers over attractive glossy bronzy foliage15 Apr-Jun 5019945051386reptans Burgundy Glow, attractive light blue flowers over tricoloured foliage of white, pink and green.15 Apr-Jun 5019945920729reptans Catlins Giant, large shiny-bronze leaves, rich blue flowers,good ground cover .30May-Jun5019945048867reptans Chocolate Chip (A. reptans Valfredda), excellent variety withbright blue flowers over small leaved, compact growth10 Apr-Jun 5019945923478 tenorii Princess Nadia, a fabulous, compact form with striking multicolouredfoliage that is tinted pink when young. Vivid blue spring flowers add to the effect. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation without a license is illegal)NEW15 Apr-Jun 5019945220645Alchemilla -Ladys Mantlemollis Thriller, masses of tiny sulphur-yellow flowers, excellent ground cover.Self seeds regularly.45 Jun-Aug5019945923737Anemone -Japanese Anemone Available in the Hotspots Catalogue.18'