b'HERBACEOUSAGMHeight Flowering Barcode2 litre pots unless specified Acanthus- Bears Breechesmollis, glossy green leaves, choice white and purple flower spikes 150Jul-Aug 5019945024465 Achillea- YarrowColorado, (Colorado Group) feathery grey-green foliage with summerflower heads in a range of colours from yellows to apricot and pink to red.60 Jun-Aug5019945913844filipendula Cloth of Gold (Gold Cloth), large flat yellow flower heads,silver-green foliage75 Jun-Aug5019945024410millefolium Cassis, intense cherry-red flower heads that make a great cut flower, ideal garden plant60 Jun-Aug5019945060531millefolium Cerise Queen, intense cerise flower heads, strong grower.60 Jun-Aug5019945024427millefolium New Vintage Red, red flowers on a more compact plant. 3L35 Jun-Aug5019945997912 millefolium New Vintage Rose, deep pink flowers on a much morecompact plant. 3L.35 Jun-Aug5019945997905 millefolium New Vintage Violet, violet flowers on a more compact plant. 3L35 Jun-Aug5019945997851millefolium New Vintage White, white flowers on a more compact plant. 3L.35 Jun-Aug5019945997899 millefolium Peggy Sue, apricot orange flower heads.NEW50 Jun-Sep5019945219175millefolium Summer Berries, a superb addition to the garden withflowers ranging from orange and yellow through to red75 Jun-Sep5019945946798Pretty Belinda, stunning shimmering rose-pink flowers, fading to palepink with age, above compact foliage.60 Jun-Sep5019945943650Summer Pastels, flat flower heads in a range of pastel colours & shades.60 Jun-Aug5019945920705Terracotta, gorgeous rich dusky orange flowers, fading to creamy yellow,on strong, silvery growth 80 Jun-Aug5019945943674Aconitum -MonkshoodBressingham Spire, hooded, deep violet flowers on erect stems. 100Jun-Aug5019945970571Actaea -formerly Cimicifuga Baneberrysimplex Hillside Black Beauty, handsome foliage, almost black by late summer when the fragrant white flower spikes emerge. 3L.NEW 150+Aug-Sep5019945221390 simplex Pink Spike, fragrant pink narrow spikes of star-shaped flowers emerge through purple, palmate foliage. 3L.NEW 140 Aug-Sep5019945221406simplex Brunette, spikes of white flowers, flushed pink above handsome dark plum foliage. 3L .NEW 150+Aug-Sep5019945226234Agapanthus -African LilyBlitz Prestige, cobalt blue flower heads and non-evergreen so better hardiness.(Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal) .NEW75 Jul-Aug 5019945217409Bridal Bouquet, large open white heads produced earlier than most otherevergreen Agapanthus. Evergreen. .NEW60 Jun-Aug5019945218000Brilliant Blue, free-flowering selection from New Zealand producing lots of rich,dark blue heads. Compact so superb in a tub. Semi-evergreen. (Protected byPlant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal).NEW50 Jun-Aug 5019945213418 2020 Herbaceous 17'