b'Pittosporum- New Zealand Lemonwood Evergreen. Foliage suitable for flower arrangements, scented chocolate-coloured flowersArundel Green, vigorous selection, bright green, larger leaf type 250 3LApr5019945015807Garnettii, leaves variegated white and pink 210 3LApr5019945015814Oliver Twist, compact growth with small, rounded, silvery-green leaves.Ideal for hedging . 180 3LApr5019945933903tenuifolium Elizabeth, delightful cream and green variegated foliagewith a distinctive pink edging . 180 3LApr5019945928626tenuifolium Gold Star, yellow centred pale green leaves. 180 3LApr5019945909786 tenuifolium Golf Ball, a naturally spherical shrub with verycompact,fresh minty green growth 120 3LApr5019945930988tenuifolium Irene Patterson, beautiful, frosted variegated foliage 180 3LApr5019945015838tenuifolium Tandara Gold, compact, small-leaved form with greenand gold variegated leaves on black stems. 200 3LApr5019945919327tenuifolium Tom Thumb, low-growing dome ofhandsome, glossy,deep purple leaves with wavy margins 100 2LApr5019945908451tenuifolium Variegatum, impactful dark grey to black young stems,covered with grey-green leaves edged creamy white . 300 3LApr5019945961913tenuifolium Wrinkled Blue, attractive silvery blue-grey foliage oncompact, rounded, bushy growth 180 3LApr5019945928602Potentilla- Cinquefoil Flowers resemble small single roses opening throughout the summer.fruticosa Abbotswood, white.903LMay-Oct5019945016057fruticosa Daydawn, cream suffused pink.603LMay-Oct5019945016064fruitcosa Goldfinger, bright yellow 120 3LMay-Oct5019945016088fruticosa Hopleys Orange, orange flowers NEW603LMay-Oct5019945225367 fruticosa Katherine Dykes, primrose yellow 120 3LMay-Oct5019945016101fruticosa Limelight, cream flowers with a yellow centre903LMay-Oct5019945983175fruticosa Mango Tango, flowers the colour of ripe mango.(Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation illegal without a license) 603LMay-Oct5019945941335 fruticosa Pink Beauty, (Lovely Pink), bright green foliage with pink flowers. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation illegal without a license) 753LMay-Oct5019945053120 fruticosa Red Robin (Marian Red Robin), brilliant brick red flowers.Alternate variety than Red Ace with less fading in hot weather. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights Grant No.4147 under the name Marrob. Propagation without a licence is illegal) .753LJun-Nov5019945037595fruticosa Tangerine, deep yellow to orange.753LMay-Oct5019945016170fruticosa Tilford Cream, large creamy flowers, compact453LMay-Oct5019945016187 Prunusnipponica kurilensis Brilliant, upright shrub/small tree smothered withsingle white spring blossom. Fabulous autumn leaf colour. 250 3LApr5019945941151 Okame, a small tree producing an excellent display with masses ofpink flowers and stunning brilliant orange autumn colour. 500 3LMar-Apr5019945923089 Pyracantha- Firethorn Evergreen.Masses of small white flowers followed by autumn and winter berries.Fiery Cascade, small orange berries with glossy leaves 200 4LMay-Jun5019945055216Mohave, scarlet berries right through Winter, broad glossy leaves,vigorous, bushy and cold resistant. 250 4LMay-Jun5019945016453Mohave Silver, scarlet berries, broad glossy leaves with a cream margin. 200 4LMay-Jun5019945016460Orange Glow, bright orange-red berries, disease resistant 250 4LMay-Jun5019945016484Teton, yellow-orange berries, small tight glossy foliage, dense and upright,disease resistant 200 3LMay-Jun5019945016538Rhamnus- Italian Buckthorn Evergreen. alaternus Argenteovariegata, erect stems of cream-edged foliage,much loved by flower arrangers. Inconspcuous small flowers followed by red summer berries 240 3LMar-Apr 5019945016583 14'